Sorry and Thank You



So, this will be quick. If you are my crowdfund subscriber, please do unsubscribe now because I'm shutting my Crowdfund option at the end of this month. I'm not earning much in it since PayPal decided to take a 34% fee from the payment and since I'm mostly not updating, it will be unfair for those paying monthly subscriptions. Again, sorry about that. Plus, I will not be able to update soon now because I'm doing my best to re-read and fix my grammar errors in each story (I found tons of them), plus I'm also fixing the loophole (TRT has so many of that). And, I'm in the process of planning my online shop that will open soon. I hope you understand. Again, thank you for supporting me, and sorry for the lack of updates. I will update soon (but probably, it will be in January). 


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good luck with your business and more power author-nim!
Take care