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the basics.

name » Kang Hayun.

nickname(s) »

yunnie »It's a short version of her name. Although she would prefer people call her Hayun or Yun because Yunnie is way too cute for her image. Although, Chiwon likes to and call her Hayunnie.

birthplace & birthday » Haenam County, South Jeolla Province, South Korea. & July 22, 1997.
age » 23.

hometown » Seoul, South Korea.

ethnicity » Korean.


language(S) » 

KOREAN » Native  with a jeolla dialect.

MANDARIAN » Conversatioal, it's a class she is taking as trainee. 

ENGLISH » Basic. She just knows how to say her name.



face claim » Lovely'z Mijoo.

backup face claim » Gfriend's Sowon or Everglow's Aisha.


appearance » Hayun has long healthy hair that she takes care of. Also, 75% of the time Hayun has bangs. She has dark brown almost pitch-black eyes, which seem to glitter or sparkle whenever she is telling a story or when she is angry with someone. Her eyes are super expressive and reflect whatever Hayun is feeling at the moment. Her skin is fair but gets really pale. Hayun stands at 165 cm and weighs 45 kg with a curvy yet slim build with some toned muscle. Hayun has both her ears pierced. 

style » Hayun's Closet 

" It's all or nothing with me "

" It comes naturally "


the girl next door.

PERSONALITY traits » (Positive) Loyal, Ambitious, Charismatic, Friendly • (Negative) Competitive, Resentful, Stubborn, Selfish

personality » "It's all or nothing with me." Hayun is a loyal person. If you are Hayun's friend then she will have your back and will defend you. She will try to push you in the right direction and will always be on your side. Although, if you do something bad, then she will tell you. She never goes back on her word and always tries to keep her promises. Loyalty is big to her. To her, loyalty is a two-way street. You go back on your word and she will never trust you again.

"The path to success." You can either look at this as a negative or positive but Hayun is a very ambitious person. She is always striving to be better at something. She uses her self assurance to complete whatever task she has to take care of. Always pushing the boundaries to get to where she wants to be. She has to always be doing something because she's not one for sitting still. Hayun is going to achieve whatever goal she has set for herself. She usually tries to work through her setbacks, like being overshadowed by another trainee. She will work ten times harder after.

"It comes naturally." Kang Hayun can turn on the charm as much as she can turn it off. She is surprisingly good at expressing her emotions at any moment. She is just good at controlling her emotions and when to display them. She is able to ‘light up a room’ when she steps into it because she has this aura that just draws people and their attention towards her. She thinks it’s because of how she carries herself with poise and grace, which allows her to fit in with mostly everyone. She is entertaining when she’s in a conversation. She is able to give a story she’s telling life, song versus feeling, and dance sequence emotions. When you talk to her, she makes you feel as if ‘you are the only person in the room.’ Being charismatic, allows Hayun to be able to respond to someone’s feelings.

"A smile is always in style." Don't think just because Hayun doesn't know you that she won't wave or say hello to you. She is one to talk to you randomly in a store line, on the side of the street, or just because. Hayun is easy going and approachable person. Hayun gives everyone a smile and always seems to make you feel like whatever you are talking about is super important from her leaning towards you. She loves to have a good time and is always willing to include someone. She tries to make people comfortable and tries her best to help them with something. If you are really good friends with her then basically she will try to help you with anything. Another way Hayun will try to make you comfortable is by holding your hand, giving you a hug, and give you compliments. Usually, she tries to break the atmosphere with a joke to cheer some up. It goes back to her being charismatic, she is just a really friendly person to be around. She is the life of the party and tries to make everyone feel welcome. She believes in living life once and to the fullest.

"My goal is to beat my last performance." She is competitive, in order for her to do better, she needs to do better than before. She could sing a song perfectly but would try harder to add something extra. She wants to be successful and the best, that she can be. The drive, the desire, the competition against herself is what Hayun thrives off of. She stays long hours in the studio to practice her singing and dancing. She pushes herself sometimes past the limit which results in her getting fewer hours of sleep, a sore throat, and aching body. She wants to thrive and stand out when she performs. She really wants to impress the fans. She doesn't want to be a failure. She always wants to do her best and be the best. Sometimes being competitive, makes Hayun see other people with talent as a challenge to her. This sometimes makes her become doubtful of her own ability before she decides she wants to crush said 'challenge' because it stands in her way. 

"It's whatever." Don't ever believe Hayun if she says something along the lines of "It's fine, drop it.". Don't believe it for a second, she is not okay or fine. Get ready for Hayun to be petty, if you do or say something, Hayun doesn't like then she will hold that against you. If you hurt her in any way then she will get really angry or just shut you out completely. It depends on how much action or statement hurt her, if it was a dumb comment or action and Hayun is just way too sensitive then give her five minutes and she'll be okay. If it hit below the belt and really blew her ego then you should probably not interact for like days. Hayun is someone who incorrectly perceives some facts and becomes resentful without even making sure of the information she has is correct or okay. 

"I mean, I know you told me no ... but" Hayun is someone who is a stubborn person with unyielding thoughts and ideas. She's going to do what she wants her way regardless of the consequences or outcomes it could cause. If she really wants something, then she will do just about anything to get it. Hayun will acknowledge someone's reason as to why she shouldn't want something but then she ignores will ignore them and carry on. If something doesn't go her way then Hayun will cut off all negotiations. 

"I'm an only child, what did you expect?" Hayun is selfish. Growing up an only child was enough to get whatever she wanted. It showed how she didn't need to share everything with someone. There are certain things Hayun does willingly not share with others. Like the privacy of her life after she left the industry the first time around. She is selfish and will not share any personal information unless she knows you well enough. She isn't to really to share anything with people especially her food. If she shares her food with you then she really just like you. 


BACKGROUND » Kang Hayun was born during the humid afternoon on July 22, 1997. The small bundle of joy was named after her father's grandmother as well being born in summer. Hayun's mother was a maternity nurse who worked in a local hospital. While her father was a fisherman. While she was still a toddler, Hayun use to spend her time with her mother at work. There she would play at her mother's desk or sat on the floor while her mother rocked a newborn to sleep. When Hayun was growing up, she became interested in dancing. She use to take her father's tap shoes and play with them, sometimes banging them together or putting her tiny feet into his big shoes. Hayun loved the sound they use to make when coming into contact with anything. You see, her father was a well known dancer before becoming a fisherman. Admiring her father, Hayun had begged her parents to let her attend tap dancing classes. So, around the age of eight Hayun's parents saved up enough money to send her off to dance classes. 


When Hayun was in middle school she was interested in doing more styles of dances so she joined the school's dance club. At first, Hayun hadn't like it and thought about quitting. But, her dance teacher, Ms. Lee had encouraged her to stay and learn more. So, she did and she started really loving it. As time went by Hayun really excelled at it, she learned the steps fast and they were easy to her. While on the dance team Hayun learned so much about technique and what styles she felt fit her.  While in school, Hayun and her two best friends got into kpop. The first ever groups they listened to were 2NE1 and SNSD, it was during those times Hayun was inspired and happy to dance to their songs. Especially when she use to go to Jiyeon's house to watch them preform. 

When Hayun turned 14, she had this realization that she wanted to make it big. Hayun decided, she didn't want to be here. Be in a town that she felt like she was going nowhere. Hayun wanted to be like the people on the magazines she had read with her best friends Sujin and Jiyeon. She wanted to sing, dance or maybe even rap like she saw the people do on tv. She was going to be an idol and make money. During Hayun's last year of middle school, it was announced that Ms. Lee would be leaving to move to Seoul. She would be a dance instructor for an entertainment company. Before school was let out for summer, Ms. Lee approached Hayun about coming with her to Seoul. After hearing her dream about making it big. So, Hayun talked to her parents about it who weren't sure. Hayun tried every day until they agreed but wanted to make sure they're only child was in good hands. Hayun's parents talk and made plans with Ms.Lee about their daughter leaving and try auditioning for a company. Hayun made a deal with her parents, if she couldn't get into one company then she would come back. Although a small part of her never wanted to come back to this town. When Hayun had gotten to Seoul, she was kind of surprised by how many people there were. It was different then the countryside she was use to. Staying with Ms. Lee was okay, she didn't really see her that much due to her new job. When she did, then she would help Hayun with her dancing and choosing what song she wanted to dance to when she would audition. After a month of settling in, Hayun auditioned to three companies, YG, SM, and DSP. After almost a month of not hearing from them, Hayun was a little sad but hadn't given up. She was hopeful and she hadn't told her parents yet anyway, as long as they knew, she was still getting ready to audition. One day after coming home from school, Hayun had gotten the call that she had been accepted into SM and DSP Media. Torn between which one she would go to, she decided to go to SM, like one of her favorite groups SNSD. Excited, Hayun called her parents and told them the good news. 


family » 

» Father | KANG YOUNGJIN | 46 | Caring, Goofy, Lazy, | Fisherman | "Yah, Hayunnie, put on your dancing shoes!" Hayun and her father are like double trouble for her mom. Hayun and her father always find a way to tap dance around the house which slightly irritates her mother. Hayun teaches her father different types of dancing from what she's learned as a trainee. He enjoys it to the point that he is either doing it randomly in any place, pressuring his wife to dance too, or his co-workers. Kang Youngjin is Hayun's number one fan, he has made a huge sign that hangs up in front of the house about Hayun being an idol. Being an only child has its perks like getting gifts from her father. 


» Mother | KANG JUNGHEE | 44 | Patient, Encouraging, Blunt | Maternity Nurse | "You bit off more than you can chew. I know, it's a mother's intuition." With a knowing look and a quick nod, Hayun doesn't have to know that her mother basically figured it all out. Her mother is a smart person who basically knows when something is wrong concerning Hayun. She is the person who encourages Hayun to do things when she is unsure of herself. 


Friends / rivals » 

» Best Friend | CHOI SUJIN | 23 | Intelligent, Playful, Selfish | Uni. Student | "You know, you love me!." Choi Sujin and Kang Hayun have been friends since the first day of school. They immediately hit it off and were stuck to each other's side before Kim Jiyeon joined them. Hayun and Sujin are ridiculously comfortable around each other. They discuss anything with each other and nothing is ever left out.


» Best Friend | KIM JIYEON | 23 | Kind, Shy, Naive | Uni. Student | "You know it doesn't hurt to forgive." Jiyeon was Hayun's other best friend she grew up with. It can be described as Hayun and Sujin both end up doing something stupid and Jiyeon would be the one to bail them out. Out of the three girls, Jiyeon is the sweetest. Where else Hayun is the friendliest, Jiyeon will bake you a cake if you tell her it was your birthday. She is the kind of person who would give you the jacket off her back to someone if they needed it. 


» Dance Instructor / Other Mother | jung eunju | 32 | Honest, Outgoing, Stubborn | Dance Instructor at DSP Media | "If it's meant to happen, then it's meant to happen." Hayun has known Mrs. Jung ever since she was in middle school. Hayun looks at her like she is a 2nd mother figure when Hayun is in Seoul. Her words aren't as encouraging as her mothers but the honesty behind them is what helps Hayun. Mrs. Jung always looks after Hayun while she is in Seoul and always does dance exercises with her. Jung Eunju knows that Hayun is a great dancer. 



likes » 

» MUSIC » Whether there is singing or dancing, Hayun always loved music. Hayun has a wide variation of music she listens to. From something slow to something fast and upbeat. It really just depends on her mood. 

» HALLABONG ORANGES » Growing up, this was one of Hayun's favorite fruit as a kid. The sweet fruit was always part of dessert after dinner. 

» NAPS » There's not a time for Hayun to take a nap. She likes to keep herself well-rested. 

» POETRY » Like, Hayun adores poetry and the many different forms of it. Like read her poetry and she just might love you. She thinks it's a great way to express how a person is feeling. Hayun doesn't exactly write poetry but she loves to read it

» MAKEUP » It's fun to use and really experiemnt on what she likes and doesn't


dislikes » 

» COFFEE » It tastes really bitter and it's not something Hayun enjoys.

» SEAGULLS » Where Hayun lives, she really doesn't like seagulls. Every time she would go with her mother to see her father at the fishing docks, they were always there. One time, one did poop on her and ever since she never liked them

» FAILURE » The defeat leaves a bad taste in . Hayun never likes to admit she has failed or even think about failing. She wants to try her best to gain success, not a failure. 

» BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO » Please, just don't tell her what to do, especially if her mind is already set on something. Get ready for her to argue with you and tell you, how she is still going to do it. It's really difficult to get your point across when she is in one of her stubborn moods. 

» crying » Hayun doesn't like crying front of people and she also thinks she's an ugly crier.


habbits » 

» She bites her lip when she's about to cry or is nervous.

» When Hayun's on the go, she will always grab an orange before going out the door. 

»  Hayun stretches before every performance. 


hobbies »

» reading » Hayun finds it soothing and likes reading to learn new things. It a different place for her to escape to, for a short amount of time. She does have a good collection of books but she really loves photobooks. Only because of the photographer's style differ from one another.

» PHOTOGRAPHY » Hayun is always camera-ready, meaning she always has her camera with her. She's obviously amateur but she enjoys taking pictures. Hayun has taken dozens of photos of the landscape, food, and people.

» TRAVELING » She likes to travel to different places and seeing new things. She wants to try the food and learn about the culture while she's there. 
» COOKING » Hayun picked this up from her mother. She knows how to make pretty decent meals and is always helping whoever cooks in the dorm. Hayun believes a home cook meal is better than a store-bought meal. If a member asked her to cook a meal, late at night, then they're going to have to like whatever Hayun cooks because she isn't one for taking requests so late in the night. 



» It's ironic that Hayun is allergic to seafood considering that her dad is a fisherman. She always has her EpiPen with her at all times because sometimes foods will have it in them and Hayun will forget to ask.

» "Yes, I can tap dance." People tend to laugh when they find out that Hayun can tap dance really well. She doesn't think it's that funny because she loves doing it.

»  Thanks to growing up in Haenam, Hayun knows how to cook many dishes with rice and radishes.

» Is actually a BlackPink fan and you can catch her, singing and dancing to their songs while in her room. Her favorite member is Jisoo. 

» Her IG account is @Ha4un. Her account is a perfect mix of her photography, the members, group activity, and some of her personal photos; like her parents.  

» She sleeps with the window open, regardless of what season it is. This really ticks off whoever sleeps in the same room as her, because it doesn't bother her but it bothers her roommate. 

» Hayun isn't really a morning person and would rather sleep in. It takes her from ten minutes to half an hour for her to think about getting up before actually getting up. 

» Hayun knows how to kite fly since she loved it as a kid growing up. Windy days were the best for her.

» You'd be surpise to learn that Hayun has a lot of k-indie on her playlists, some of her favorites being, Hyukoh, DEAN and Bbolbangan 4


home is where your heart is.



position » Main Dancer, Sub Rapper & Vocalist
backup POSITION » Leader, Main Rapper, Visual

vocal twin » Red Velvet's Joy
dancing twin » G-idle's Sojin
rapping twin » G-idle's Sojin
speaking twin / acting twin / variety twin » Lovelyz Mijoo. 

Fanclub name » Minxs (She likes the name and so it stuck).
fanclub color » #cc0000.


trainee year(s) » Five years
trainee LIFE » When Hayun gotten accepted into SM, she found out that Ms. Lee was getting married. Happy and a little sad, Hayun had determined that she didn't want to be a hindrance to Ms. Lee any more and decided to move out of her apartment and into the SM dorm. To Hayun, it was hard sharing a dorm with many other girls. She was an only child and had never thought about sharing things with complete strangers. Which didn't go well for the first couple of months. Also, Hayun was not use to the training or extreme measures of dieting. She wasn't happy about the meals or lack of it. Hayun balanced school and training, so it really became difficult,  for her to keep up with everyone in the beginning, So Hayun decided to put extra time into her dancing which was lackluster since she hadn't danced in a while. Many trainees were drawn to her presence because of her work ethic while many others were a bit jealous of how well she was doing. It did please Hayun but her competitiveness made her want to push herself to do better and crush anything bad people had to say about her.


pre-debut experiences » Nothing.


Scandals »


ELECTRA'S HAYUN CURSES OUT FANS THAT ARE LEAVING GROSS COMMENTS ON HER GROUP MEMBER'S LIVE » VERY TRUE » This happens around their thrid comeback. Some people are leaving really gross comments on a members live and Hayun wanting to defend them, starts defending them. 


ELECTRA'S HAYUN attacked by netizens over 'femninst' t-shirt » TRUE » Hayun was out with friends and took a photo with her friends. Overnight netizens left a lot of comments on her post and blew it up. This scandal lasted a day.

DEBUTING » Hayun is very happy about debuting. Not to be too cocky but Hayun was too good not to debut or preform on stage. This is all she ever wanted when she had first signed the contract. She is more than ready and hopes the other members are too. 


i like you. do you like me too?

love interest » Nam Chiwon

backup love interest » Being single and ready to mingle.


birthday » October 25, 1997.

age » 23.


OCCUPATION » SM Producer/Composer.

personality » Chiwon is someone who enjoys life, he generally likes having a good time. No matter the circumstances. He is considerate and kind to people he cares about. He will look after you and care for you. Chiwon will try to give someone he cares about, advice, and encouragement. Although one expectation is trainees. He will always try his best to help them since they work hard. Chiwon can be lazy. If he's not willingly to do it, he will whine about it. Or he will wait till the last minute to do it. Also, Chiwon can be really difficult. He can't really decide on some things and it drives anyone who is working with him crazy. Like he may be good at his job but he has to think of all the posssibilities before finally chosing one. 

First time meeting » Hayun and Chiwon bumped into each other while in the lobby of SM. Hayun had just come back from her weekend trip from seeing her parents and had complimentated Chiwon on his vintage Run DMC shirt. Chiwon immediately introduced himself and offered his bag of chips to her. After that they hit it off and they started seeing each other frequently since the company was about to debut a new girl group. 

interaction » Hayun and Chiwon act like any friends do. While Hayun is a trainee they will meet at a cafe that is away from the company. There they will chat about anything. Usually, Chiwon buys food or drinks for the both of them. They don't like to talk about work and try to stay away from it. When they can't meet up at a cafe, then they text over the phone. After Hayun had debuted then Chiwon will make an appearance at the dorm once and while. There they will watch movies or go out to a Karaoke bar.

relationship status » Friends.

" I just had the best idea. "

" Crap, that's a lot of work I have to put in. "


final words.

comments » Hey! It's been awhile since I applied to anything, so I wanted to apply to this because I thought it was interesting. I hope you like Hayun.

scene requests » Hayun cooking for the members.

» Group members bonding

password » G-idle - Latata, Hann, Senorita. Everglow - Bon Bon Chocolat, Adios, Dun Dun.


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