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Nam Chung ha // 2nd Rank
Name:Nam Chung ha [남 충하]

Nickname: ["Nicknames are overrated." Chungha doesn't like nicknames and thinks people like to ruin names with nicknames.]

Birthday: [
22, February, 1994 // 22]

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea


Korean // Native // She was born in South Korea.]

[English // Proficient // She learned the language while she was in highschool. She can speak it better than read it.]

Face Claim: [Park Sora // Gallery ]
Back up Face Claim : [
Jung Minhee // Gallery]

She looks excatly like her face claim except she has both her upper lobs of ear pierced.

Style: [
x, x,x, x,]Chunga will dress in whatever sort of clothing. Whether it is high waisted shorts, tight pants, loose sweaters or crop tops. She will wear just about anything as long as it fits her and doesn't make her skin irritated. 

[Live however you want]
250x132 250x132
Personality Traits: [Positive(Outgoing, Helpful, Daring, Dedicated) // Negative (Talkative, Insensitive, Stubborn,Skeptical)]

Background :
Nam Chungha was born in the mid-morning on February 22, 1994. Chungha grew up with her parents running a dry cleaners along side her widowed aunt and two older brothers. They weren't excatly poor but they were far from rich, they did with what they had. Despite some money difficlties of borrowing money to pay for broken machines or for back rent payments, Chungha's childhood was fun. During her childhood, Chungha had spent her time as a child playing with her two older brothers and helping her father with deliveries. 

As soon as Chungha was old enough, she started helping her aunt in the backroom of the dry cleaners folding clothes while her older brothes pressed them. During those times Chungha and her aunt would sing along to the radio that was playing. Sometimes, her aunt would stop to admire her niece's voice. Those were some of the special moments Chungha cherishes because that was the time she learned some singing with her aunt and actually grew closer to the stoic woman. Then one night while her parents were still at the shop, Chungha, her older brothers and her aunt were watching Super Junior perform and Chungha fell in love with the idea of her being on the stage and singing. Although she never brought it up, her aunt encouraged her to try out for a company. Completely, unsure, Chungha brushed it off because that would cause a whole lot of problems for her parents and also money issues as well. After three days of deciding, Chungha took her aunt's advice and decided to try out for a company. However she didn't know where until her aunt brought a flyer for MU.SE auditions in 2009. 

Although the audition was hard for Chungha, she did pass. However, she didn't make it in the originally line up of MU.SE because the coaches thought she wasn't ready yet. So instead of moping around, Chungha started to work on her voice. Around the time of this, she was accepted MU.SE (SE). After, two years in SE, Chungha was told she was being placed in the original lineup of MU.SE because of a member left. 

Relationship : [
Relation // Name // Age // Occupation // Personality // Elaboration ]

Trivia :
- She can move her nose.
- Chungha stays up the latest in the dorm because she either binge watches netflix or is on her SNS accounts.
 - Her Twitter & Instagram Acc (@MainMuseChunga) and her Tumblr Acc (voiceofchungha).
- She has the worst seasonal allergies and always carries allergy medicine with her.
- In order to help her voice in singing, she drinks a cup of hot tea with honey in it, everyday.
- Her favorite fruit to eat is sliced apples. 
- Chungha has the desire to do a OST for a movie or drama. It would be her ultimate goal to have a solo run as well. 
- Chunga will laugh at the most inapporiate times. 
- She loves spicy foods ... alot. 
- Her favorite season is Winter. 
- She stans Sistar and Kara, but was sad about Kara's disbandment. 

[Who are you to compare me with others?]
250x132 250x132
INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Hey there, I am MU.SE's Main Vocal, Chungha!

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO AUDITION FOR MU.SE?:"I auditioned for MU.SE because I didn't know where to start and this seemed like a good start. If I wasn't selected then I could try some place else but I was confident that I would make it ... not to sound arrogant or anything."

WHAT DID YOU FEEL WHEN YOU'RE CHOSEN TO BE ONE OF THE MU.SE?: "I felt like all that hardwork paid off and anything can be done." 

WHAT KIND OF AMBITION DID YOU HAVE TO STAY IN MU.SE?:"I have a lot of ambition to be in MU.SE. There can be great things that can happen to this group."

IN MU.SE WHICH MEMBER DID YOU CLOSE WITH?:"I was pretty close with everyone but I would say, you should watch out for the Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub-dancer. She is a force to reckon with." 


For 2nd generation and original members] YOU'RE GRADUATING FROM MU.SE, CAN YOU LEAE SOME WORDS FOR YOUR FRIEND AND DONGSAENG: "Honestly, all that hard work pays off. So keep it up and you will see some success. Don't ever give up! Hwaiting!"
Comment :I'm so sorry for taking a while for doing this app. I'm so slow. Let me know if there is any thing that has to be changed.
Suggestion :
Scene Suggestion : 
Anything else :
Password :
Hurt Locker by 9Muses or LIE by EXID- MU.SE(MU) 

no oh oh by CLC -MU.SE (SE)



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