Please Help me save my mom by sharing this

I'm really sorry, starting today, i'll be posting this every single day because I'm gonna do my best to help my mom recover, she's my everything so I'll do everything for her. Pneumonia is a recurring illness of mine, so you could say that i'm already used to do this ( and I still wonder why i'm still alive), but now its different, it turns out my mom now has Pneumonia and Suspected Tubercolosis. I tried to kill myself since God knows when, i'm ready to die, but the situation's different now, I need to live for my mom, i'm not ready to see her in pain, so please, i'm begging you, just you guys sharing my gogetfunding campaign in your social media accounts is already a huge help to me, please help me save my mom, i'm begging you. Below are my social media accounts, to prove that i'm not a scammer, i'm even even willing to send you a photo of my government Id. Please help my mom survive


Update: Its been a week but there's no sign of improvement yet, so the doctor had to change my mom's antibiotics... Sharing this to your social media is already a huge help via my campaign, I hope more people around the world will know about my mom's campaign. Please help me share it through your social media accounts ( especially facebook and twitter ), doing so will help me save my mom. I'm racing with time since Pneumonia mutates fast. I am really desperate. To make matters worst, i'm showing some signs of Covid...I'm at the stage where I had no ing idea what to do. In case I stopped updating this blog post, it means everything got worst.


Facebook : Divi Gianan

IG: divigianan

Twitter : Jang Diyoon

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