Updates about myself

Dear readers, subscribers and friends, 

This is Manar or Mi here. I have not visited this website in so long. This website saved me and helped  me to get through very hard times, and I'm forever grateful for it. In case you do not know, I have another account which is Manar-mymikp where I have other fanfics. I know very well that I have been pretty much dead in here, but that was mainly because of university. I have graduated, but I'm working on the project of my dreams; a novel that speaks my story through another person's eyes. I am now 23 years old. I was much younger when I joined AFF, and it feels very nostalgic to be back. I have grown up as a person, and so did my words. I hope that when I publish my book/s, I can come back here to write fanfics that will make you all happy. I have tried Wattpad before, but I enjoy this website much more. So until then, and if you are curious about me and my work as an author, reader and artist, you can find me on instagram: @my.mi_artist and @mymikp_books. I sincerly thank everyone who misses me and still cares about me, and I'd love to talk to you all again.

Much love,




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Congratulations! :-)