Currently Obsessed With? (Update About ma Life)

Hello pals! Here I am again, safe and sound and with lotsa things to tell you! First of all, I'm sorry for not logging to this account much often. I'm working on my story to be published on the other account so... (YES IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING OMG) 

I also joined the Korean Cultural Club which will give me a chance to go to Korea! /DYING/ the Miss was really satisfied and fascinated when I talked to her in Korean, so I think I have the highest chance to go! Pray for me! 

In Uni, everything's fine in general. The courses are easy and the teachers are is nice. I'm seriously in my *LuckPeriod* (REAL PERIOD COMING NEXT WEEK-NOT THIS ONE BUT NEXT WEEK- AND I'M KINDA NERVOUS BECAUSE IT LASTS FOR 10 EFFIN' DAYS.)

About KPOP, I am currently obsessed with iKon. To be real with you, I didn't really like when team B lost the first round inWIN but now they improved themselves and became much MUCH better than before. All thanks to M&M. Especially Donghyuk T.T HIS VOICE IN EYES, NOSE, LIPS WAS HEAVEN.

And... yeah! That's pretty much it! How have you been and what group have you been obsessed with nowadays?


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MottiNuri_LaGorda #1
OMG!! I wish we had a Korean culture club back in college (I'm a Malaysian btw)
Hope you'll post up pics if you ever visit Korea one day : )

I've been obsessed with iKon and Seventeen lately.. Gosh.. I should stop being a pedo noona >,<
Oh heeyyyyy That's so cool mannn!!! Good luck with your publishing procedure!

AND DANGGG A TRIP TO KOREA -SIGH lemme just casually sign up for one to go visit BTS XD-
That's I'm already like 3/4 done with my semester @@ /life what is life? didn't i just come to uni a few weeks ago??/

i love junhoee from ikonnnnn /like what the heckkkkkk his handsomeness/ /fangirl mode activated/

I'm not much obssessed particularly in a certain group, but Im having my first dance performance of kpop dances tomorrow /and to say, we're the opening performance/ /pressssureee/