So, I have done all of my exams (This semester was hard and really weird because of corona and I was doing online exams, for example I had only 10 minutes on long question which were 12 or 10 in the test).

But I did everything in one go! My banchalor's thesis is accepted and I will have to start writing it. Thanks to is I won't be able to update stories a lot again but you know me very well...

Also during summer I will have part time job, just like last year. This year is going to be different, I will be just 6 kilometres faraway from my home and also with better wifi and signal. 


So what does it mean? I will be able to write more! 


I have unfinished April project. This project will be filled up more next year. This year was just one big chaos for me (we had materials for study with 300 pages for example for one subject on which I had only two weeks for passing it.) and I think that also for all of you.

Tho maybe there are no readers of The secret between us, I am going to update it soon too ♥ Also Be my light and new stories ~ Kkk, Have fun, have nice holidays and take care! Stay safe!


Your Zumie ^^



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