Kazumi's back!

Annyeonghaseyo my dear readers and friends!

As I promised that I will be back, I am back! Back! 

Well, I am still waiting for the results of my drug's criminality essay and of today's exam (If someone is curious why drugs, I am at school for crime safety, gonna be forensic psychologist if everything would go like I want kkk).

Anyway, I will apply for part-time job for summer holiday

But it won't stop me from updating stories.


All of stories in progress would have update soon!

I will just take a bit of free time for relax ^^

I also took part in summer prompt on AO3 where you can find me under same name ~ 

Ummm I have also some new idea... for stories... but kkk I will put my attention to Be my light/The secret/First May

And I will also prepare one of surprise~ Remember... Once of finished stories will have SEQUEL... WHICH STORY IT WOULD BE? (Maybe I can give you a hint = JongYu ♥)

Thank you for everything and see you in updates!


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