8 Facts About Foxyfangirl013 (Tagged by LayDZhang)

Hi, hope you’re all well. I was tagged by LayDZhang to tell you guys 8 facts about myself . So here i go :D

1) I can come across as shy when you first meet me, somehow my voice becomes squeeky, but once you get to know me, im extremely bubbly, extroverted, a bad speller, a shorty, shoulder to lean on, blah blah etc. I can overthink and sometimes become easily insecure.

2 I am the oldest of 4 annoying siblings.Who do nothing but argue and fight eachother. Because im the oldest i get to stay awake later and have a movie night with my dad. (lucky me, heh)

3) I am currently in year 9 at school, unfurtunately even though we're in lockdown right now, we still have online school classes. When i first started high school, i was all alone. Somehow i made it into the popular girls group and i fit right in. Then one day a new girl transferred, she already knew some girls inn the group and didnt like the rest. She was taller and showed more athority, me being smaller had the disadvantage when she decided she didnt exactly like me. She made me feel like an outcast. I kinda drifted from my group but she moved schools at the end of the year. Now im still good friends with them all but hangout with even better friends, who treat me for who i am.(does that even make sence?) :D

4) Im like the crazy, cute friend everyone adores and treats like a baby (sometimes).

5) Once when i was 6 in school we played boys v girls, cops and robbers. One boy caught me and i was trapped against the wall. I would do anything to escape so when i accidently kneed him somewhere, where you shouldnt, i didnt acctually realise what I had done.>o< (hey, i was a little  innocent girl, you cant blame me) When he yelled in pain instead of asking if he was okay i laughed and ran off (haha freedom). (i feel bad for the guy)

6) Im a good listener and friends come to me and ask for advise.

7) In year 3 (age 7) we did the christmas play, i had the role of the donkey. Yes the donkey. Yes i wore the donkey costume and no, Mary didnt sit on my back. Its because the teacher said  i was small and 'cute' so i got picked.. Two boys a year older than me decided to bully me about it, that whenever i went passed them they would make donkey sounds. Or once  when i was sitting alone in the dinner hall, they decided to take it to another level. But then i told the teacher and they got introuble. (hey, i was a tiny thing with a small heart, i couldnt take it). When I got to year 6 I got the lead role of the play, (so jokes on you ers)

8) When i ask personal quetions or I want to borrow my freinds stuff, I HAVE to ask for permission, its like a habbit, but my friends always tell me off and say that i dont have ask just do it. 

So they were my 8 facts. Hope you guys liked them. I would like to tag, .Scarlet_Sky, i hope you can do it.

And I hope you guys enjoyed reading :).

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