NAME : ryu nayoung  

✤ ryeong family and friends it's a simple nickname, born out of simplicity, due to someone combining her whole name to make it easier for them. ever since then, nayoung has asked close friends and family to call her that, although it's mainly her husband that uses it now. 
✤ darling, baby girl bogum whenever nayoung's darling husband knows he's in trouble, he likes to use these few nicknames with her to the max. he generally calls her the basic pet names, such as 'babe' and 'baby,' but in times where nayoung will unleash her fury on him, he decides to use the one thing he can: aegyo. 
✤ "ah, your parents should've named you byul" bogum a litter of birthmarks are scattered around her skin, and in an attempt to be cute, bogum always comments to her about them, always using the name 'byul' which means star in korean. he'll say different derivatives of the same things, but every time he admires the flecks that line the curve of her back, he traces his fingers over them ever so gently, telling her, "you're my star" and it gets her so red every time. 

BIRTHDAY : august 19, 1992 (27)
OCCUPATION : media buyer, she is directly responsible for negotiating spots for advertisements, whether it be through digital or physical means.
PROFANITY : she'll occasionally curse, but only when she's mad or messed something up. a simple '' will come out of  easily

✤ korean native since nayoung was born and raised in south korea, she is quite fluent in the language - well, it's the only language she's fluent in.
✤ english basic even though nayoung had to learn english in school when she was younger, she forgot almost everything, and now barely knows a of english. she's much better at reading it than writing or speaking it. 

FACECLAIM : bae joohyun red velvet
BACKUP : kim minkyung hinapia

APPEARANCE : standing at 149 cm, she tends to stick out on the shorter side around others. it's no surprise for her to bring attention to herself because of that big difference, but it's also notable the way her sleek black hair drapes around her shoulders and cascades down her back. it's also breath catching for her to turn around and expose her soft, doe-like features. from the bright wide eyes to her button nose and a pair of full lips, nayoung truly is an attractive woman. though she doesn't particularly make it known, she does have slight birth marks littered all over her body. they spell out a messy constellation on her body, but it only adds to her charm. 

STYLE : when nayoung was younger, she typically was very into girlish fashion, such as dresses and skirts, but as she'd grown older, her style has transformed into something more casual. she prefers looser jeans, the ones that flare out just enough to not look like bell bottoms, and a simple shirt with it tucked inside. occasionally, she'll wear a jacket over if the weather is cold, but nayoung isn't one to overdress, unless if the situation calls for it. at work, her style is similar as she coordinates pants that are fancy enough for the workplace, along with a simple blouse and perhaps sometimes a jacket on top. it's all the same everywhere, but she prefers to carry a mini backpack with her for all her belongings. 
 FOR BETTER charming, leaderly, passionate
stubborn, vulnerable, impulsive FOR WORSE

ryu nayoung is a woman of charm, one that understands how to play her cards, and is quite attractive in terms of personality and looks. she knows how to talk to others in a polite manner that seems to captivate and pull them in at the same time, whether it be her energetic manner of speech or her friendly disposition. whatever the case, it's a fact that she's quite charming and can't help but make those around her flock towards her. it's also a bonus that she's quite leaderly, a trait passed onto her from her own mother, it seems. the two ryu ladies have always known what they wanted, and are able to guide others towards a path of success. she's much suited for prominent roles when it comes to clubs and organizations, so perhaps it is why she was a class representative in high school and also team leader in her job after years of being mentored by her seniors. she's one to take charge always and she can always be trusted to do so. nayoung is also quite a passionate girl when it comes to things she cares about. it may not even be about work, it might be about her tiny hobbies, such as baking; bogum; etc, but whenever she is focused on something, it becomes the object of her attention for a long time, and she hates to give up on any sort of thing that manages to demand her attention. she definitely rambles on and on about the things she's quite passionate about too, so when she gets on a tangent, it is always common knowledge for bogum to sit her down and perhaps even get a cup of water - they're going to be talking for a while. 

despite that, she's a stubborn gal. she's obstinate about her beliefs and rarely backs down from them. very rarely will she change her attitude towards something, and she tends to be difficult to argue with. if you asked any of her friends how stubborn nayoung could be, they'd definitely be honest about how annoyingly stubborn she is. she's even stubborn when it comes to work matters, though it is always delivered as politely as possible (but inside, it's as if there's a fire blazing through nayoung's body). she tends to be vulnerable as well, rarely liking to show her emotions so openly, but also easily hurt at the smallest things sometimes. as stubborn and put together as she seems sometimes, nayoung does get hurt by the words of others who don't understand her or only see her with eyes that judge her by her beauty, and she's never been accustomed to the off remarks she would get. ultimately, she's just quite vulnerable to attitudes and remarks she would get and definitely gets more hurt than she should be from them. nayoung does tend to be quite impulsive occasionally, as she's always itching to do the next thing and sometimes, it translates to actually doing it before even attempting to think about it. nayoung jumps for her goals in the way she thinks will be right, even if it isn't, and it will backfire on her sometimes too. clearly, she is supposed to think before she does or says things, but it is a little hard when all she wants to do is just do it
✤ hates aegyo with a passion, but bogum always does it so she wants to strangle him half the time, but it always happens to catch her off guard.
✤ loves cheesecake, so she'll often be making some and will sometimes give it out to the neighbors! 
✤ cannot dance for , she looks like one of those blow up inflatable sticks that those car dealerships have when she dances. 
✤ definitely the type to take buzzfeed quizzes when she is bored. 
✤ also definitely the type to laze around in bed all day if there's nothing else she has to do. 
✤ spotify over apple music, that's just how it is. 
✤ loves rnb and will always be playing it. 
✤ also likes pineapple pizza, and she always tries to get bogum to get her some, even though he isn't the biggest fan. 
✤ her dream vacation with bogum: paris! 
✤ she enjoys journaling, but isn't very good at it and isn't very consistent with it either.
✤ (slightly tone deaf but bogum will never say anything)
✤ her current goal in life: probably to learn a language, if she can figure out which one she wants to learn. 
✤ everyone has a horrible past and here's nayoung's: a terrible hair dye (someone convinced her that her yellow pee hair was pretty) and she had glasses that definitely did not fit her face. not to mention the fact that her style wasn't the best at the time either. 
✤ her fears: spiders, the dark, and squirrels chasing her. it isn't as unlikely as you'd think. 
✤ she's not that much of a gamer girl, but is definitely an animal crossing enthusiast and will constantly show her friends and family her island at any time.
✤ speaking of animal crossing, her favorite villager is the sweet little octopus, marina.    
BACKGROUND : hot summer days always bring back a load of memories from ryu nayoung's birth. nayoung was born in mid-august, and had been raised as an only child so it would be pretty lonely for her. she mostly hung out with her mother, who was a stay-at-home mom, and her dad would often be out at work, but often, she'd have a few playdates here and there with random children from her neighborhood. because her mother was so fiercely independent, however, nayoung grew to adopt a few of her tendencies and would be the leader of the pack with her kindergarten friends. ryu nayoung always knew when and how to take charge, leading a group efficiently, even as a kid. for her middle school years, nayoung had been enrolled in an all-girls' middle school, since her parents had wanted her to focus on her studies, and it was good and all, but at times, nayoung felt like she didn't belong there. it was competitive, dramatic, and nayoung didn't want to feel as if she could barely trust the girls there. it's not like all the girls were bad and it's also not like an all-girls' school was inherently bad, but it was not her style at all. thus, she begged her parents to let her go to a co-ed school, and after much convincing, they relented and nayoung chose a decent school near her neighborhood. her high school years weren't particularly remarkable to her, except for meeting bogum and getting to bond with her friends, but overall, the experience was much better and she had a lot more fun there too. in the end, she had decided to go to college for marketing because she was quite interested in advertising, as it seemed professional, but not as rigid as other careers in her field. as for why she had decided to go into business well... in her words, "it's the majors that kids choose when they don't really know what else they want to study right?" and for her, it applied. she was well-rounded in the things she did, but didn't particularly have a strong passion for anything, so she just went to college for that, and in the end, she got a stable job and is living life decently. her dream though? probably to be a housewife in the future.

INTERACTIONS : nayoung's mother is a woman of her word and one of the most reliable (read: strict) women in her life. ever since nayoung was a young girl, her mother would be the one raising her, as her father would be the one working, but it was fine because they had plenty of good times to share with one another. even though her mother was a tad bit strict, their relationship eased up as time went by, and nowadays, she's much more chill. in some instances though, nayoung wishes she had chilled out earlier, but oh well. for now, miyoung's current goal is to prepare a nursery for her future grandchild live life to her fullest. 

  "how are my daughter and most adorable son-in-law?"
    "how come bogum gets a compliment and i don't?"
   "ah you haven't been adorable since you were three."


INTERACTIONS : nayoung's father, while muscular and built on the outside, definitely is a softie on the inside. he is the one that is more emotional out of her parents and often times will be the more affectionate one too. the two share a good relationship, and jungseok is always asking her about bogum and if he's been keeping in shape and exercising. he adores his daughter's husband, but even more so, he adores the thought of having grandchildren. he never fails to bring it up whenever nayoung calls. 

"yes dad, bogum has been working out a lot, he saw the
                      routine you messaged him."
     "okay great! so any updates about the grandkids?"


INTERACTIONS : bogum's parents, who have grown to love nayoung, didn't quite approve of their relationship at first. they saw the kids as both too young to be in some sort of relationship, despite being seventeen, and often, nayoung would often invite bogum to her house, rather than the opposite, so they could hang out. despite that, after a while of them dating, they finally warmed up a bit to nayoung, and from then on, their relationship had only improved. it wasn't an easy route, and nayoung knows that they care about their son, but in that same trail, it's not a crime to date, at least in her eyes. nayoung will call them here and there, but nothing drastic. she's definitely much closer to her parents. 

         "oh nayoung, great, how have you two been?"
    "we're good, we've just been chilling at home. you?"
              "ah same, nothing much over here too."  


INTERACTIONS : maisie and nayoung met through their place of work, as maisie works at hr and nayoung had to talk to her about various things, regarding the workplace. however, their conversations would devolve from that, as nayoung would often times say an offhanded comment, and maisie would agree. their friendship developed over time, as they would coincidentally see each other in the office cafeteria and would thus join each other at lunch, while talking about things that weren't too important. in these conversations, nayoung would find out that maisie and her would both be married, and once, nayoung had offhandedly mentioned needing to find a new place with bogum, maisie had come through with the eden hall. the two are quite friendly with each other and nayoung will occasionally message or talk to maisie about the most random of things. 

    "if you find a stray cat, do not let him into my place." 
                     "hm? do you mean bogum?" 
     "no, i mean a stray cat, but don't let him in either."


INTERACTIONS : joonwan is a fly in nayoung's eyes, an incredibly irritating coworker that always appears out of nowhere, no matter how many times she tries to swat it away. it's easy to tell that he ignores the dazzling ring on nayoung's left hand, as he tries to suavely waltz over to her and ask her out on a date, but she merely brushes him off and continues her work. he's quite persistent in a weird way, often times trying to weasel into her personal life, and to nayoung, it's truly confusing the way joonwan continues to pursue her, even though she's rejected him enough times and has even brought bogum with her to the company parties. bogum sees no threat in joonwan, as the two are bound together, but sometimes, nayoung wishes she'd live a simpler life. 
  "would you like to go the new cafe that just opened?"
                               "hello? nayoung?"
    "erm.... okay never mind, let's just go another time."



PROLOGUE : a couple known for their good looks and their longevity, park bogum and ryu nayoung have always been paired together. from being the class representatives in high school to going into a haunted house as pairs together in college to even attending their friends' weddings as a couple later on in life, it seems as if bogum and nayoung have always been together. despite that, those are only the glory moments of their relationship. behind all of those shining moments, however, are the tears and fights that have built them up to who they are today. park bogum and ryu nayoung have always seemed to be that perfect couple, the goal that all their friends strive to be. truthfully, things aren't as peachy all the time, especially since they've dated for so long. 
september 15, 2018, otherwise regarded as the most important day to the both of them - the day they got married. or perhaps the most important day to them would be september 15, 2008 - which is the date they got together. either way, to both of them, september 15th is an important date. before then, however, nayoung and bogum first met each other in high school, decorated with the flush of a new chapter in life (and also perhaps the hazy heat of summer). while nayoung had come from an all-girls' school and most of her peers had come from the same middle school as one another, a few of her friends happened to join her at the new co-ed school, so it wasn't like she would be by herself forever. nayoung also wasn't too bad at making a few new friends, but she eventually met her future beloved, park bogum, through mutual friends. the two shared the same friend group, and nayoung's always seen bogum as someone with the brightest smile, but had never particularly felt anything even close to romantic with him for the first few years of their friendship. they all hung out as a group for a long time, before eventually growing closer as the two of them. their love began as a slow burn, as it progressed ever so gently, the two of them trying to maintain a friendly facade with the other. in both of their last years in high school, however, the two of them were voted as class representatives, and it ultimately forced them to confront their feelings for each other, as the two began to spent more time with the other. it would begin with small planning meetings, and then it would devolve into the two of them laughing about something unrelated and it often ended with the two of them leaving with the brightest blush on their faces. for nayoung, she did really like the way bogum would smile. he had the brightest smile and often would be the loudest one laughing in a room, and it always swept joy in her heart. she liked how friendly he was, he seemed to always be the one approaching others and making them smile, something so rare and pure to her. he was also the sweetest person in general and was always so down to help others. the way he would gently bring a smile to her face whenever she'd be feeling down; the way he would carefully check up on her whenever he felt something was off with her; the way he would walk her home, even though he really didn't have to. bogum constantly brought flutters to nayoung's heart and he didn't even have to try. for bogum, though, he had his own reasons for liking nayoung, things he simply enjoyed about her. he liked the way she would take charge in the things she cared about; the way she would be so passionate while telling him about her latest hobby or goal; the way she would carefully listen to him whenever he wanted to rant and would offer valid advice or even just a shoulder. bogum enjoyed the depth that he had, and even though everyone saw her as a pretty face, bogum was touched by how big her heart was. she had a lot of dreams that she wanted to achieve and a lot of goals in mind, and often motivated him to follow his. to bogum, she's someone who is insightful and profound, someone who is always searching for her own happiness. to nayoung, bogum is someone who is deeper than he seems and also more than just someone who is handsome. he's someone who is observant of the people he cares about and always giving others a sense of comfort, someone who brings a lot of joy and smiles to life. to each other, they both valued each other immensely. 
eventually, bogum was the one to make the move and ask nayoung out on a date, affirming that he felt romantic feelings to her, and they started going out on their own pace. at first, they went on dates here and there, before beginning to see each other more and doing more couple-like things, such as calling each other and running small errands with each other. it eventually led to bogum once again being the one to ask nayoung out officially, and it is then that their relationship officially started. they were often seen with honeyed eyes, a gaze that's only reserved for the other, and they had a sort of tension that seemed too thick to even cross. while it started off as a simple high school relationship, the two were serious about the other and they had a passing thought at the time: what if they're the one? 
despite that, every couple seems perfect when it's the beginning, and the honeymoon stage wasn't very long for the two of them. bogum had quite strict parents and when he confessed about his newfound relationship, they were not happy. they had respected their son's choices, but at the same time, they would often be in the way of the two of them and would constantly tell bogum that it was only a high school relationship and they wouldn't last. they wouldn't allow nayoung into their house and they wouldn't even begin to meet nayoung in any case. they actively disapproved of the two of them, causing a large rift between everybody. for nayoung, she didn't want to break her boyfriend's relationship with his parents apart, but in bogum's eyes, he wanted his parents to stop meddling in his life. nights would be spent with long and hard fights, where nayoung would beg to just end it if it was too hard for him, but every time, he would be adamant that it wasn't too hard and they would be able to take care of it. in reality, it took about two years before his parents would even warm up to the idea of them dating, but it definitely caused a lot of strife between everyone; despite that, it did help to strengthen the trust and bond between the two of them. 
nayoung and bogum also are pretty well-known in their social circles and environments, so it couldn't be helped that they would have others crushing on them. nayoung often had boys tailing her, despite her telling them she had a boyfriend; and bogum would have girls sliding into his dm's, as if he did not have pictures of him and nayoung. bogum had also been a dummy at the time, and often never really realized when a girl would like him, unless if she was completely obvious, but if they were just friendly to him, then he definitely couldn't tell. for nayoung, she had a sixth sense when it came to that type of thing, so she often avoided the guys that gave her an off feeling, but she often also got irritated with bogum for his dismissiveness. "don't you know she has a crush on you?" she'd say, but he'd just deny it, only to turn out to be the fool in the end. bogum's always apologetic though, and it is a blessing for him that nayoung is always there for him. 
overall, in the span of their long relationships, they have had many misunderstandings and fights, but have always gotten past them, even if it took some time. sometimes, however, it felt like it would be the breaking point for them, as they'd argue about nothing important and sometimes, nayoung has an itchy wonder if bogum ever finds the relationship boring after so many years together. he often says he isn't, but nayoung can't help but wonder. 
even though it seemed like their relationship didn't start off on the right foot, they worked hard to try to work things through with each other. they had to focus on serious couple things, such as trying to communicate with each other and to have dates often because they didn't want to become bored in a routine. they would try to do different things, such as go visit different cities through the subway and try to sightsee; watch different movies; share their goals and aspirations together, etc., they had quickly moved from a high school relationship to a relationship that was dedicated and serious. while it was fun for them to experience a youthful love, it became apparent to them that love could only do so much, and they had to truly be dedicated to the other. luckily, they definitely were. 
they moved in together after four years of dating, and it certainly wasn't a breeze. they had to deal with an equal distribution of chores, and at times, someone would be lazy, causing the other to be a bit irritated at them. they had quite a few fights at the time about cleanliness, and would have petty little strikes every time a line would be crossed. in any case, they always made up afterwards and it would be fine until the next thing happened, but a new problem would arise after a while. eventually, they just decided that they needed alone time, due to them always seeing each other, so it became a perfectly acceptable thing for them to be alone in another room whenever they wanted privacy. the system definitely helped their relationship a lot and lessened the amount of fights between them. it's probably not the little things that bothered them so much, such as not washing the dishes right away or not putting down the laundry after it dried, but it was probably just them needing time alone, and in retrospect, it definitely was that. 
after nine years together, bogum proposed to her, and of course nayoung accepted, and they were married on their tenth anniversary together, but in these days, she wonders if bogum had married her mostly because of the years they spent together, rather than him still being in love with her. he tries to quell these thoughts from her brain, but even in moments where they gleam at each other with the same honeyed eyes that they had in high school, it begins to eat at her sometimes. despite that, they still experience that fire in their stomach every time they do something good for each other and there isn't any stopping the butterflies that still forms in nayoung's heart whenever her lover gives her that precious lopsided grin that she loves so much. it's as if she's growing a garden in her chest and he's making it bloom everyday.    

EPILOGUE : nayoung and bogum are pretty much like any other couple; they fight, they cry, but most importantly, they do love each other immensely. in the muddled history of their past, it's been clear that they've chosen each other every time and it's a fact that they're consistently trying to work hard to stay together. they enjoy quiet days alone, but they also enjoy chaotic days where they annoy all the neighbors by asking them to hang out at their house because nayoung baked something and it's delicious, or at least that's what bogum says all of the time. 
even though the both of them work intensive jobs that require long hours sometimes, they do make time for each other on the weekends, even if it's only just sunday when they can hang out and they always share everything about their days, even if it's super boring. with their longevity, there's not many things they can do to "spice" it up, but they try their best and work through their problems as healthily as they can. they talk to each other a lot, even if it's just random chatter about what they're having for lunch or what they wish they were doing instead of whatever they were doing at the time. they are quite the simple couple, not really fussy with many things and try to enjoy a peaceful and quiet life together, since their teenage years were anything but. at times, they will do some hobbies, mostly by themselves since that's what they like to do in their privacy, but they respect each others' space intensely. since living with each other, they have been adamant advocates in giving space if they need it, since nayoung and bogum both don't want to incessantly annoy the other. nayoung will usually be baking in the kitchen and bogum takes it as a sign to go to their bedroom and start doing whatever makes him happy, usually just reading or surfing through netflix for something new to watch and later they will just reconvene. they also don't ask many questions whenever someone says they are going outside to hang with a friend. they have enough trust in the relationship to know that there isn't anything to worry about, but of course, they do have to know "when are you coming home?", "who are you hanging out with?", and "okay, have fun!" 
sometimes, people will like to ask if marriage is a different thing to them, compared to their days of dating, and nayoung and bogum both think that it isn't particularly so different, mostly because they have the years added up between them. marriage isn't so different after a few years of them living on their own together, and they have the same routine now as they've had since they've adjusted to living together, so of course for them, it's not particularly anything different. 
of course, there will always be problems between them, as with any couple. bogum does tend to be quite airyheaded at times and can be oblivious to some things. nayoung can be a bit too assertive for her own good as well. they end up getting into petty little fights, and sometimes when it's awful enough, nayoung will unleash her deepest, inner thoughts - so much for being able to be honest to each other about everything. she does worry that they are becoming too comfortable, or already are too comfortable with each other, and wonders if it is just because they've been together for such a long time that they are still together today. there's a lot of insecurity on her part, and with her being a stubborn person, there's not much stopping her from thinking things. it's important to her though, and it's an issue she wants to work on. however, how are they supposed to really know if they're only together because it's just natural for them or because they've been together for so long? oh but it's also not easy having that conversation when a super annoying coworker pops up in between their lives either. jealousy doesn't particularly run deep between either of them, but sometimes, it can get annoying when there's a fly coming their way. 

(as for any sort of ending, that can be up to you! i don't particularly see them ending in a divorce or anything drastic like that, but i do see them doing some soul searching and continuing to affirm their love for each other, even if it takes time!)

✤ nayoung likes to bake, and sometimes will bake bogum apology bread for whenever he's upset at her or if she did something wrong. he tends to like snickerdoodles, but sometimes nayoung will be a bit prideful and bake him chocolate chip instead. it doesn't matter though because he'll scarf both of them down. 
✤ first, they wanted to have their honeymoon at a place with a beach, so hawaii, they thought. well, it changed because bogum had a case between two couples that had a nasty split, and their vacation plans were put on halt. then, after a few months, it was decided that they would go to japan, since it was close and the cherry blossoms would begin to bloom there. they both decided to go after work's more settled down between the two of them, but it took probably about half a year from their wedding for them to have an actual honeymoon - but in her eyes, nayoung thinks it was worth it. 
this is a story about a short girl attempting to try to reach the top shelf when the tall guy isn't home, also depicts him putting those items on the tallest shelf so that she can rely on him more. 
✤ kids? even though nayoung and bogum are all for the idea of kids, they want to enjoy married life a bit more before having them, despite having the longest dating period ever. "dating is different from being married!" nayoung always insists. 
✤ bogum's defining habit whenever he greets her is a head pat and sometimes nayoung wonders if he treats her as a child. 
✤ nayoung is a little and likes to steal bogum's birks, as if she doesn't have a pair of her own. her own response, however, is "deal with it!" 
✤ bogum always shows her those tiktoks where a couple will start dancing something super cute, so he'll ask nayoung to learn it with him but usually, she'd just roll her eyes.
✤ nayoung's favorite moments with bogum are the sunny days where they'll lay under the setting sun and just enjoy each other's presence. his are the days where she'll make his favorite food (in theory, men are lame and nayoung may have proved that theory).  
✤ nayoung decided to keep her maiden name but it's mostly because she was too lazy to change it and she also thinks that park nayoung didn't really fit her as much as her name currently. bogum isn't one to care too much though cause he also agrees that park nayoung doesn't really fit her. 
✤ they're pretty good with communicating with the other about important things, especially since they have been together for so long. at this point, they aren't afraid to tell each other anything. 
✤ bogum will always finish nayoung's food when she can't finish and that's an a+ action in her book of romantic gestures. 
✤ during their dating period, they didn't really get to see each other too often during college since it was a busy time for bogum, who was prepping to be a lawyer and nayoung was really gearing up to get a decent job in her career field, so lowkey they mostly wanted to live together so they'd at least be able to see each other at home (though they'd always deny this when people ask). 
✤ ikea enthusiasts, furniture and food. 
✤ when bogum had to serve in the military, they'd exchange letters and sometimes whenever they'd have a fight, it would be reflected in those letters. for example, nayoung would write "i hope you'll be taking a cold shower tomorrow, so you can reflect on your sins. <3" 
✤ bogum: the type to sleep at midnight, nayoung: the type to sleep whenever she wants, except for when she discovers a new story or series that she likes, then she doesn't sleep. 
✤ nayoung: i'm having a crisis
bogum: what is it
nayoung: ah it, i'm giving myself bangs 
bogum: noOOOooOOooooOOOOOo (even though he loves them on her) 
✤ bogum: you ever just think about how we live in a simulation
nayoung: no i just don't think
✤ bogum: you are so precious, i adore you
nayoung, five minutes later: do you even like me
bogum: what  
✤ nayoung: look i just got poppy in my campsite
bogum: i want marshal, where's marshal
✤ bogum: the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma
nayoung: ok squidward


BACKUP : jisoo actor

✤ gummy friends and family it is mostly used by others as a term of endearment, but it also refers to bogum's cheery, gummy smile as well. every time he opens his mouth wide and shows off his pearly whites, his parents can't help but admire their son. "gummy," they'd coo. 
✤ honey, sweetie, handsome boy, etc. nayoung they are simple pet names from his wife. it is mostly used interchangeably with his name, since nayoung likes to switch up what she uses to call him. 
✤ byogyum nayoung as manly as bogum looks, he's real weak whenever nayoung uses aegyo on him, despite her hating it with an intensity. she'll often use it whenever he gets mad at her, and while her saying the nickname does not completely dissolve the problem, it does make him a bit less annoyed and much easier to deal with. nayoung may be a little manipulative for doing this whenever he's mad, but hey, whatever gets the job done. 

BIRTHDAY : june 16, 1992 (27)
PROFANITY : bogum neither curses too much nor too little. he is a man of many words and uses them all to his advantage, no matter how they may sound when they come out. 
DO YOU? friendly, easygoing, observant
self-sufficient, emotional, airyheaded I DO. 
PERSONALITY : park bogum, the boy with the smile on his face at all time, shooting the breeze at anything. he's always been accustomed to dealing with people, as he's always had people around him, ranging from his friends and family, so he's not the one to be shy around others. he can be quite friendly, even striking conversations up first. of course, he can still feel awkward and nervous at times as well, but he does like greeting those who will be near him, such as his seatmates or those he's working with, and it doesn't bother him so much. he likes to talk, so it's easy for him to befriend others, and that gleaming smile on his face just helps it even more. bogum is also a very easygoing person. he doesn't get mad often and he likes to go with the flow of things. he's flexible with time arrangements, such as whenever people want to change it, stay later, meet earlier, etc; he's flexible with the dates he's scheduled; and more. he doesn't find it a big deal if he has to adjust to something, which makes him more of a likable person in others' eyes. bogum is also observant of others, always keeping an eye on people's emotions and making sure that they're okay. naturally, he is the type of person to care a lot about others, so bogum likes to make sure the people around him are happy and most importantly, healthy. he tends to notice little quirks about others that they sometimes don't even know themselves and even has a deep understanding of some people's emotions, based on what he knows about them. bogum is sometimes so dreamy, once you notice his charms - it isn't that hard to, though. 
ever since adulthood, when he fully moved out and lived life without his parents spoiling him, bogum has become self-sufficient, choosing to rely on himself rather than on others. he tends to keep everything to himself, such as emotions and tasks, and usually acts on his own accord, so sometimes it can be difficult to have him depend on others - nayoung would know. he'll bottle up his feelings but hide them as an attempt to just get through them by himself without involving anyone. it definitely leads to a bit of miscommunication at times. he can also be quite the emotional guy, so whenever he holds in his emotions and pretends that he isn't feeling something, nayoung wants to rip his head off. he gets moody over the tiniest things and even though he can be quite romantic too, it mostly results in him being overly emotional and upset at something that nayoung did two weeks prior and she'd be annoyed having to try to remember that far back. he's also a big airhead at times, and it'll be cute and silly at first, but once you get used to it like nayoung has, it gets irritating. nayoung will ask "where did you get that?" and he'll be like "uh the closet" when really she meant which place he got it at, or she'll say something and bogum will say something innocent, but dumb. it could be him being a fool and mispronouncing a common word or him just looking at her with the most blank face after she asks a question, and he totally just remembered that he forgot to do the thing she asked him to do earlier in the day. he may be a sweetheart, but he can be real annoying some times too... nayoung can attest to that. 
BACKGROUND : sweet park bogum has always been a lady's man, ever since he was born in june of 1992. he'd been surrounded by his doting aunts and family friends ever since, and they always lavished him with love. he is never short on compliments from others, and bogum did get spoiled quite a bit by his parents, who adored him a whole lot. he didn't have to worry about much as a kid, and all the girls in his school liked him anyway, so there wasn't much stopping bogum from growing up to being a friendly boy, albeit a ditz at times. he had a relatively normal life, had girls crushing over him; had girls that he crushed on himself; girlfriends that lasted for a while, but in the end, it followed the natural course of life and they just broke up. there wasn't anything that could help it, it just seemed to be that way. perhaps it was at this time where he truly started to feel lonely, just a slight bit. there were girls who only liked him for his looks and often, he wondered if people were being honest with him or just trying to get on his good side. of course, the boy had an uncanny sense of observation skills, but sometimes, the signs slip past him, and he can't help but get hurt in the end. he had gone to a co-ed school because it was just close to his house, and there, he had ryu nayoung and a faithful set of friends that mostly enjoyed his presence or ditziness (as they would say sometimes), and his love life with nayoung would unfold as he began to spend more time with her. he admired her qualities, as she would be assertive with her goals and honest with her ideals. also, she made it clear that she wasn't interested in him in the beginning, even though to this day, he will always about the time where she blushed and admitted she always thought he was cute (despite her confessing that on their five year anniversary, as if that was the proper time to say it and not just the beginning). however, their relationship progressed mostly in their last year of high school, and after they graduated, bogum did his years of military service before going to school for law. it wasn't a thing he was incredibly interested in, but he didn't really have another goal in mind, but he was watching a drama about lawyers at the time, so he impulsively decided on that and stuck with it in the end because he saw that he liked it so much. bogum and nayoung stayed together through all of that and that was probably when he knew that she was the real deal to him. eventually, they were married, and to this day, bogum still stuffs himself with a tray of nayoung's apology cookies.
✤ ruffles nayoung's hair like she's a dog all the time. 
✤ he's often the one eating from the tub of ice cream, if the movie is sad enough. 
✤ is that one person who's like "chug chug chug chug!!" and his friends hate that.
✤ a creative boy, he likes to draw pictures of nayoung. it makes her blush, but she'll say something like "it doesn't even look like me" (but it doesn't stop her from framing it though). 
✤ likes to read! 
✤ his fears: nayoung whenever she's mad, his mother in times where she's asking for a grandchild. 
✤ bogum doesn't particularly have a sweet tooth and if it isn't prompted of him, he won't eat sweets, but nayoung gives him those puppy dog eyes whenever she's done baking something, so he has to stuff those cookies in his mouth. 
✤ karaoke fiend, begs nayoung to take out their system.
✤ is that one guy who invites the whole town to have fun and eat dinner together. there is nothing stopping him in inviting the entirety of eden hall to the cookouts. 
✤ a fan of tiktok, he's a fiend for that too. he's always on the pursuit of showing someone the new tiktok he liked. 
✤ likes to watch kdramas, and will binge a whole series if he has the time. 
✤ #1 peach fan and also #1 fan of parasite, but hates the fact that they used peaches so evilly. 
NICKNAME : tama!
ACTIVITY RATE : like... medium to high, i would say!
COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS : thanks for reading about nayoung and bogum, i hope you liked it! i've been rewatching videos with irene and bogum, so i had to include them somehow lol. also, i'm really sorry that the love section had to be so long... i feel like i went on such a tangent lmao. i also lw wish that i was able to write more because i wanted them to have lots and lots of depth, but a lot of it i just put in the trivia because i did not want to boggle you down with so much content all in one area, so hopefully that's okay! 
✤ three words: nayoung, maisie, and shark.
✤ nayoung baking stress chocolate chip cookies, since work is getting stressful and bogum eats them all. 
✤ them having a fight because nayoung is convinced he drank her coffee when she wasn't looking, but bogum is innocent because in reality, nayoung drank it all and then forgot. 
✤ anniversary chapters? perhaps?
✤ nayoung has a nightmare where bogum has a different girlfriend and she wakes up and sees his sleeping face - and then she steals the blanket from him because of his crimes. 
✤ they think of names for their future pet, but it's over in an instant because bogum wants to name it after "elon musk's baby, a ae a-12" and nayoung doesn't even want to entertain the idea. 
✤ "chug chug chug chug!" he says and she glares at him with a shot of cough syrup in her hands.



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