NAME : hong nari 
hongri  a condensed version of her full name which is used by her family and  close friends. "hongri" was invented by her older brother as he likes to tease nari for being a huge eater. (hongri = hungry) 
ER lily  nari who has been  working at the ER for 4 years is considered the face of KUMC's emergency room. she's known there not as hong nari but as the "emergency room's lily" as her name, nari literally translates to lily and the lily flower signifies renewal and rebirth just like her line of work.
gonjusung  although jaesung calls nari "jagiya" in real life, but on his nari is saved as "gonjusung" on his phone which is translated in jaesung's dictionary as  "jaesung's princess". 
BIRTHDAY : december 24, 1991 (29) 
OCCUPATION: emergency medicine resident at korea university anam hospital 
nari uses (ssibal and michinyeon)  in situations like: (1) when her colleagues doesn't inform her early that she's the on-call doctor for the night , (2) when jaesung buys a not-so-spicy tteokbokki (you can't blaim nari because she likes her tteokbokki very spicy)  (3) when she's with her closest friends, she calls them crazy bit-- casually 
korean  her native language 
english  based on nari's test of english proficiency result of 498/600. nari can communicate and understand advance english. this is all thanks to her english cram schools and his father's genes.  

FACECLAIM: kang seulgi 
BACKUP:  jung chaeyeon

eye color  while dark brown is the most common eye color among koreans, nari deviate from the standard as her monolid eyes are hazel in color (like lee sungkyung).   
moles  snari has 3 distinctive small moles that jaeung likes to mark. one is a facial mole beside her left eye, another is on the right side of her neck, and the last one is on her left wrist 
STYLE : #dailynari (this is 
#dailynari this is how nari dresses when she's not wearing her scrubs 
infp the healer 
idealistic, flexible, hardworking, reliable

sensitive, private, self-conscious, always on the edge
the good  a live-and-let-live attitude is one of the strengths of hong nari. she knows what she wants and she goes all in. she has no interest in having power over others, and doesn't care much for domineering. that's why in terms of conflict, she uses a democratic approach where she works hard to ensure that every voice and perspective is heard and solves the problem. she may be introverted but she is always the first one to lend a helping hand where it's needed. knowing that what she is doing is meaningful and helpful to other gives her the strength and the sense of pursose. a lot of people rely on her because she emits a strong vibe that you can rely on her and everything will be okay.
and the bad  hong nari is private, reserved, and self-conscious. this characteristics makes her notoriously difficult to get to know for some people. if you want to get to know her you have to initiate everything because she will never do it. she is also sensitive, which she denies. but she take things personally, from criticisms to challenges which resulted to her inability to relax and her tendency to be always on the edge. she focuses too much on other people's expectation to her.
— nari's "medicine world" timeline:
medicine (specialization) 
• korean medical licensing exam
• 1 yr. internship 
• residency (3 yrs) 
— nari is on her last year of residency and will start her fellowship next year 

— she's ambidextrous, she's good with her hands ;)
— gray is her favorite color
— her most treaasured item is musical box that play love of my life by queen. it was given by jaesung on their 1st wedding anniversary 
— has high alcohol tolerance = 6 1/2 bottles of soju
— favorite soju brand: chumchurum 
— hangover remedy: water with orange and lemon slices 
— obsessed with very spicy tteokbokki and succulents
— nari drinks coffee during the day and tea at night. she doesn't have a favorite between them
— cafe drink: freddo espresso  
— when she can't sleep, she read medicine case studies 
— she loves the disney movie 'tangled' 
— nari is allergic to peaches 
— nari has bad eyesight like jaesung, they both wear eyeglasses at home and contact lenses at work 
— special talent: she can hold her breath for more than a minute and 30 seconds
— nari is afraid of bird. when she was a child a pigeon attacked her 
— nari only uses aegyo when she want something from jaesung
— her celebrity crush is loco 
— she always let jaesung choose the movie 
— her favorite holiday is chuseok
— nari hates when other people see her cry, so she doesn't cry in front of others. she always held her tears.   
— pet peeves: mispelled signs, people who stand on the left side of an escalator, people who are chronically late, slow internet connection, and people who watch videos in public spaces with no headphones
reply 1995  the hongs of seongbuk-gu is composed of 3 members. hong nam-il, a liberal arts professor who single-handedly raised his two children who were nine (nam-goon) and four (nari)  after the tragic death of his wife from the sampoong department store collapse that happend in 1995. raising two children with opposing personalities and interests wihile working at a full time teaching job was surely a tough challenge for hong nam-il but with his determination to give his children everything but the best he endured every hardship. he also believes that the best thing that he can give to his children is the access to different opportunities through quality education.   
fast forward  let's just say that mr. hong nam-il was successful in instilling the importance of education to his children as both of them achieved marks that made their father so proud. both nam-goon and nam-il belongs to the "upper 1%" of their class that's why it was not a shock that both them were accepted to premiere universities in seoul and was offered with academic scholarships from different institutions. nam-goon studied political science in seoul national univeristy and currently a prosecutor while nari went to korea university to study medicine and now an emergency medicine resident at korea university anam hospital. 

hong nam-il 56
— a proud single father of a prosecutor (nam-goon) and a doctor (nari)
— a liberal arts professor in korea university 30 years 
— his ife mantra is education is wealth, that's why he pushes his two children to study hard 
— he is currently living alone 
— very talkative, he has knowledge on different kinds of things  
— once you start a conversation with him it will take hours before it ends
— nari inherited her "calm under pressure" persona from him
— nari describes her father as a simple and self-less man 
— when nari got married and moved out, she and her older brother nam-goon decided to have dinner with with him every weekend (saturday night is for nari and sunday is for nam-goong) 
— he attends cooking class during weekend mornings 
— dad jokes during dinner 
— he cooks for his children during their dinner nights 
— since both of his children are settled and has a family of their own he is thinking of retiring and buying a house in jeju 
— he is not a morning person that's why most of his classes are scheduled in the afternoon 
— the reason why he likes jaesung immedieately is because he is  an education major like him 
— nari calls him whenever she's stressed out and in need of wisdom 
— he sometimes send nari "when are you going to give me grandchildren?" texts, while he send nam-goong "you can do it my son" 
— faceclaim: actor han suk-kyu 
hong nam-goon 34
— a deputy prosecutor of seoul district public prosecutor's office 
— nam-goon and his wife minha has been married for 8 years 
— nam-goon's wife, minha has endometriosis that's why they have trouble in conceiving a child
— has an annoying laugh 
— he drinks banana milk when he's stressed 
— favorite ramen brand: ottogi sesame ramen 
— weekend is for family 
— whipped for his wife 
— when nari started her internship he secretly visits during her shift
— was one of the recipient of the transparent society award of 2018 when he conduct a legal proceedings against other prosecutors who receive briberies 
— favorite line: i'm going to call dad 
— unlike nari he's not very fond of spicy foods 
— current food obsession: sundaeguk which is sold near their office 
— unlike his father who immedieately approves of jaesung, it took him almost a year to fully accept him as his sister boyfriend 
— his wife and him have 4 cats; a maine coon named bolt,two sphynx cat named rin and jin, and blue a siamese cat 
— faceclaim: actor lee kyuhyung 

do jangmi 51

— pub owner in anam 
— jaesung's youthful looking mother and nari's precious mother-in-law
— she adopted a toy poodle after jaesung moved out 
— she never remarried again after her divorce
— divorcing jaesung's dad is one of the best decisions in her life 
— she supplies side dishes to jaesung and nari's house 
— online shopping is life 
— noraebang queen at 50 
— she refrains herself from asking jaesung and nari the "baby question" 
— she always wanted to have a girl child that's why she adores nari so much 
— jangmi usually comes to jaesung and nari's apartment to clean 
—  she doesn't actually know the reason why jaesung choose to be a teacher 
— nari's dad is a frequent customer to her pub. nari and jaesung is there usual topic 
— she's currently waiting for a grandchildren and a chance to travel the world for free 
— one of her dream is to meet kang ho dong and feed him (let's eat dinner together) 
— she attends a crafts class 
— face claim: lee ilhwa 

yoon hyemi maisie wu  oh sehun  shark 
— nari has interected with the landlady even before they move in eden hall, it happend when hyemi went to the hospital where nari is working and ask her directions 
— "ahjumma I think I saw you before" was nari's first words to hyemi 
— jaesung and shark has a love distance relationship. jaesung adores shark but he can't come close to him because of his allergies. he waves at shark from afar 
 — when nari and jaesung moved to eden hall, jaesung cooked his specialty, tuna kimchi fried rice and gave it to hyemi (bribe) 
— nari drinks with hyemi atleast once a month at the rooftop 
— for some weird reason sehun and jaesung is awkward to each other but they nod and bow when they meet in eden hall 
— nari and maisie loves to make fun of sehun and jaesung's awkwardness. they even set them up on a one on one drinking session  
— there was one time where nari barged into sehun and maisie's apartment because she heard maisie crying but it turns out maisie is crying because of the show she is watching 
— hyemi always ask nari for free medical check-ups in return of the advices that she gave to nari
— jaesung can't forget the time when hyemi gave him a  

they met at the most typical place two people can met, the library. november 2008, freshmen year. who would have thought that on a lazy thursday afternoon of library duty, nari will meet him. is it spring already?. she thought. a few meters away from nari is an entity new to her. after three minutes of just standing and not moving, he finally noticed her. he looked at her. eyed her from head to toe. honoré de balzac’s the unknown masterpiece, richard hamilton's collected words, and collaborative statistics by barbara illowsky, that's familiar. he thought as he read the titles of the books that nari is holding. he looked at nari again. until he stops, at her eyes. hazel. he thought again. nari locked eyes with the entity. an awkward silence was growing as two strangers was engaged in a sudden staring contest.  excuse me. a voice from behind broke the contest. i need to get that book... you're on the way. nari apologized and moved. he decided to move too. away from her. i'll never forget that eyes. was the entity's last thought.


kang jaesung, korean history education. hong nari, medicine. who would've thought thursdays will be there favorite day. that the thursday the following week of their first meeting. he came back. with an awkward smile and familiar gaze. and hong nari was actually waiting for him. the next thing we knew, names were exchanged. majors, phone numbers. more gazes and smiles. july 2009. sophomore year. he asked her out. she said yes. eventhough she knew that he will graduate soon and the time that they know each other was still short. who cares. they feel complete, like a puzzle. with her he can show vulnerable self. nari can let her guard down. they understand each other. if home is a person, his is her and her is his. 

i'll enlist in the army after graduation. and he did. two years of minimal connection. quick moments. 5 minute phone calls. january 2012. senior year. it was nari's turn to graduate. pre-med is over. hello korea university school of medicine. 3 years may have pass. but they are still together. growing. moving towards their dreams. nari continued her studies. jaesung started teaching. as they continue to move in the direction of their own lives. they started drifting apart. september 2015. hey, want to go out this weekend? sent 19:45. seen 23:51. from weekend dates to last minute cancellations. 2 hour phone calls became seened text messages. until. nari, jaesung got into a car accident. her world studdenly stops. the love of her life, might be gone for life. she went to the hospital. she saw him. barely alive. but still breathing. oppa i'm here, wake up. after almost 3 days of comatose, he woke up. let's get married after your med school. was his first words. with ugly tears, she said yes. let's be together forever. she said in between sobs. 

may 2016. on a thursday night. they got married. surrounded with family and close friends. a month after nari's med school graduation. and a month before the start of her residency. jaesung who loves to teach, quits being a public school teacher. and started teaching at a hagwon in noryangjin. he needs a change, is his excuse. but he just want to be closer to nari. 

— nothing much changes after they got married but they became much clingier to each other
— they limit the use of cellphones at home in order to focus on each other, they spend 30-60 minutes at night catching up
— nari and jaesung avoids mindreading regarding each others action
— they listen to each other without being defensive, both of them try to hear each other out without getting defensive
— during disagreements they use the term "red light" to signal that they should take minutes to quiet down, say nothing, calm down, and be their rational self (it actually works)
— nari and jaesung always ask questions about each other, they don't want to make the same mistake before that's why they communicate more 

— jealousy. although nari and jaesung are not the jealous type but their careers makes them vulnerable to this. both of their jobs requires them to interact and meet different kinds of people. some are nice while others has a different intention towards them. in jaesung's case he has an overly clingy co-worker who always sits beside him during team dinner and drunk dials him which nari one day answered. while for nari, some patients always try to hit on her even after showing her ring. jaesung sometimes witness this when he visits her.  
having a child. their careers are their main focus right now aside from eacho ther. they've been in a childless marriage for 4 years and every now and then family and close friends asks them "the baby question". jaesung is ready to be a father. but nari is still hesitant. don't get her wrong, she wants to have a child with jaesung but at the same time she can't pause her career. 

— they got married on may 5, 2016 and went to bali for their honeymoon 
— what happend in bali stays in bali 
— jaesung loves to listen to music that's why he made different playlist for different moods and situations 
— good morning and good night kisses 
— jaesung rubs nari's head every time they will seperate for work 
— they always make sure that their day offs are on the same day 
— 50 first dates is there go-to movie
— "our little jungle" at their balcony 
— jaesung is the better secret keeper, movie picker, joker, and cook 
— while nari is for expenses planning, gardening, and interior designing 
— cooking is done by jaesung while nari washes the dishes 
— jaesung  likes it when nari talks medical to him 
— jaesung sang love of my life during their wedding while nari dance TT 
— lights off 
— nari's favorite body part of jaesung is his hands while jaesung's favorite body part of nari is her eyes 
— saturday is for family.
— they didn't stop dating after marriage 
— sometimes jaesung will pick nari at the hospital 
— jaesung also visits her with flowers at the hospital during the most random times
— nari is saved as "gonjusung" on jaesung's phone while he is saved as "my love" 
— in real life nari calls jaesung "oppa" while jaesung calls nari "jagiya"  
— jaesung was a blushing mess when nari first called him "oppa "
— one thing they realized as a couple is that they should always help each other reach their goals 
— they smack each other's from time to time
— they always say "thank you" to each other for even the smallest and most expected of things 
— they take turns in paying dinner or coffee
— leg rubs after a long day 
— jaesung hates when nari leaves little pile of her things lying around like pens, hair ties, bobby pins, etc.  
— nari hates it when jaesung leaves every door (cupboards, cabinet, wardrobe, microwave, and drawers) open after opening it. she always hit her head and knee because of this 
— they are both incapable of putting their clothes in the hamper. you'll see a lot of their clothes around the house 
— another thing that jaesung hates is when nari drinks too much and then spends the next day complaining about her hangover while making her hangover remedy 
— jaesung sometimes forget to cap the toothpaste and nari has nag to him about this 
— one thing that drives nari crazy is when he randomly scare her 
— they don't talk / doesn't bother to each other when they are reading or doing work related stuff at home
— a habit that jaesung has developed is following nari around because she always turn on the lights everywhere and forgets to close it  



NAME: kang jaesung

jae  he hates it when people call him by his full name (kang jaesung). that's why he tell his friends to call him 'jae' instead. 
CFW  short for 'crazy for wine' which nari invented for him. if nari can drink 6 bottles of soju, jaesung can drink the same numbe for wine. 
BIRTHDAY: january 11, 1989 (31) 
OCCUPATION: hagwon lecturer at noryangjin 

jaesung uses profanities such as jiral when he's mad and he realized that someone lied to him and ggaesae (son of a bi--) for offensive and oppressive situations. he also doesn't cuss infront of other people.  

FACECLAIM: jung haein
BACK-UP: yoon doojoon 
infj the protector 
decisive, supporive, loyal, patient, observant
 overload themselves, perfectionist, self-centered
assets  it's a given fact that jaesung works very hard especially for the causes he believe in. with the help of his decisiveness and imagination he achieves a lot of incredible things. not only he can come up with interesting and unusual ideas, he also has the willpower and planning skills necessary to implements his ideas. being an educator suits him best, as he also has his own way with words and is known for his fluid, inspirational speaking style. he is a convincing speaker that always catches the attention of his listeners. but his biggest strength is his ability to decipher other people's motives. he tends to know instantly whether someone is honest. this strength shields his sensitive inner core, protecting him from dissapointments. 
liabilities  jaesung in inherently idealistic and does his best to achieve his ideals. this is a great trait, but it can quickly become a weakness. he wants everything to be perfect from top to bottom and in and out. he hates it when other people see flaw on the things that he is doing. this is also the reason why he has the tendency to overload his self. his perfectionist and passionate side exhaust him quickly and he tends to internalize most of his feelings. jaesung also has difficulty in focusing and forcing his self to complete tasks that are not linked to his goals. he always want to know if he is moving toward a worthy goal and he feels dissapointed and restless if not. he believes that his every action should have a meaning. 
from busan   jaesung was born and raised in haeundae, busan. jaesung was raised by his parents with contrasting personalities. his father will always push him to study hard and achieve a lot while his gentle mother just tell him to grow into the man he wants to be in the future. due to the constant misundestandings and infidelity, jaesung's parents filed divorce in 2004. jaesung went with his mom to seoul.
to seoul   moving to seoul before the start of highschool was "rebirth" for jaesung. he lived with his mother in a peaceful household, finally free from the shouting and fighting that they experienced in busan. jaesung's mom used the divorced settlement money to open a pub in seoul. 
— motto: a happy wife is a happy life good attitude, good mood, good music
— he was born in haeundae, busan
— he currently works at noryangjin institute, a hagwon for students preparing for the civil service exam 
— jaesung switches to busan dialect when he's angry 
— due to the car accident that happend in 2015, he suffered from optical nerve damage which resulted to his poor eyesight 
— because of his allergies he can't have a pet 
— lactose intolerant 
— when he eats, he has to eat the same amount of rice and side dishes 
— favorite side dish: cucumber kimchi made by his father-in-law 
— favorite specialty: tuna kimchi fried rice  
— his mom is not a good cook that's why he studied how to cook 
— he lived with his father during middle school in busan and with his mother from highschool  to college in seoul 
— he learned hapkido when he was 10 years old 
— left-handed
— he has variety of hobbies and interest, but photography is his favorite 
— he owns the following cameras: leica sofort, kodak ultramax 400, and exa 1c 
— he eats bulgogi when stressed 
— prefers cold noodles over spicy noodles
— he sweats a lot 
— he likes fto find rare songs in soundcloud
— habits: scratches his head when thinking hard, drumming his fingers when he feel nervous, forgets to eat and drink when immersed with something  
NICKNAME : risse 
— thank you so much for creating such a cute concept for an apply fic! o u o
— i tried to make nari and jaesung "real" as much as possible that's why it took me 2 days to complete my app. if you have any questions regarding the timeline or if you need more informations and interactions, i'll gladly add some. 
— seperate group chat for husbands and wifes in eden hall where they talk about random things like what's the best valentine's gift,  annoying habits of their husbands, couple advice, where to eat, etc.  
—  barbeque party at the rooftop 
— drinking sessions where everybody is already drunk except nari 
— a medical emergency happend to someone in eden hall and nari was there to the rescue 


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