NAME : yoo naeun

✤ angel : her pet name called by seungjae
✤ channie eomma : what people usually called her since she's chan's mother
BIRTHDAY : mar 19, 1992 (29)
OCCUPATION : interior designer
sometimes, she let it out when she's really upset.
mostly -> damn and

✤ korean // native
✤ english // fluent (studied in england for her degree)
✤ japanese & chinese // conversational (for business purposes)
FACECLAIM : gugudan nayoung
BACKUP : gfriend sowon


✤ 162 cm, 55 kg
✤ shoulder-length dark brown hair

STYLE : she prefer comfy and stylish style
check out here! 


TRAITS : self confident, hardworking, calm, independent, perfectionist, rigid, stubborn
quiet and calm, if you are not her client nor her closest friends or relative, you will find it hard to get even a word out of her. she's quite a private person, even her colleague doesn't know much about her. she's quite confident with herself, once she determined to do anything, she'd make sure she'd succeed it to the end. for her, 'hardwork can beat talent if talent didn't work hard." she doesn't talk much unless the topic caught her interest, especially when going out in a large friend's group. she's someone people feel intimidated to ask for help although if people do, they don't even need to ask twice, she'll gladly help. 

once she get close to others, you can see how clingy and clumsy she really is. she literally have the heart of gold and would do anything for the people she cares about.

naeun basically lives by herself for herself, it had become her habit and it is quite hard to change. she's perfectionist, she always comes out with daily plans, and often argue with seungjae about how chan was supposed to be brought up. she can be quite stubborn, always wanted to win in an argument, smetimes with her little son.

naeun talked to herself a lot, so if you find her talking by herself while doing housechores, don't fret, it's just how she is. she ranted out her feelings by talking to herself. and she prefer writing than talking, don't fret out either if you find 'not-so-heartwarming' or 'im just giving out sincere advice' notes around, it would be hers.   
✤ her blood type is a
✤ she graduated on top of her class for both her degree and master studies in londn (majoring in arts and design)
✤ she's a decent cook, but she's really not good in baking. this is what happen when she did try.
✤ she loves pink and hello kitty, almost to obsession since most of her possession are either pink or hello kitty branded
✤ loves reading a little bit too much and most gifted people with books
✤ she's afraid of height, darkness and thunder. she'll automatically turned into a crybaby if she had to face those situations.
✤ she's allergic to shellfish, but she enjoyed eating them, she tries her best not to over-consumed them.
✤ she can't drink even a drop of alcohol. a can of beer can completely knocked her out. 
✤ she rarely fell sick, if she does, only the hospitals know what to do.
✤ she releases stress by dancing and singing inside the shower.
✤ she slaps the person beside her when laughing.
✤ she dislikes waiting for people or has to make other people wait.
✤ sleepwalking whenever she's too tired
✤ loves sharing her home-cooked food with other people.
✤ she's allergic to pollen, she'd sneeze a lot in spring.
✤ she currently has four nephews and three nieces that she sometimes took care of on weekends
naeun was born in incheon, as the youngest of four siblings. she went to study in london right after high school and although she was scouted by a prestigious design company, she decided to come back and work with a small design company in incheon, very near to her family house.  


✤ CHAN // 5 // STEPSON (fc: child actor seo woojin)

INTERACTIONS : chan is seungjae's son with his deceased wife. he didn't know the truth about his motehr's death yet since he's still young. he loves naeun so much and think of her as his real mother. he clings on naeun whenever he's hungry or sleepy and seungjae always get jealous since chan loves naeun more than him. 


✤ SEUNGYEON // 20 // SISTER IN LAW (fc: kang mina)

INTERACTIONS : seungjae's younger sister who come to seoul to pursue his degree. lives in the university's dormitory, but always come to crush at the couple's house so she could save a few bucks on food. had a love-hate relationship with naeun since she's a bit to rigid with normal everyday stuffs.

✤ JINHO // 29 // EX-BOYFRIEND (fc: monsta x im changkyun)

INTERACTIONS : They don't break on a bad terms, so they might have feeling left for each other, making seungjae feel threatened sometimes. on seungjae's side, jinho is his brother in law and his childhood friend.
*update: he's seungjae's ex-wife twins.



INTERACTIONS : They met a few times since naeun's work makes her travel around people's house to help them decorate or redecorate their houses. they kept their interaction on a professional level, but it changed when they become neighbors since naeun always find herself appears at maisie's front dooor with food whenever she cooks.



feb 2018: they met each other on a blind dates set up by naeun's brother-in-law who is also seungjae's superior at work. naeun was still not yet moving on with his previous break up i.e. first love while seungjae was too busy taking care of his son that he rarely spend times with his friends. they agreed to become friends.

march 2018: naeun and seungjae collaborated for a television show where seungjae needs to rebuild the ouse and naeun was in-chairge of designing the interior. they started getting closer because of that and started going out to eat as 'friends' since their company are near to each other.

october 2018:

*elle's note: looks like i didn't really write the story huh? sorry, u_u.

update: naeun spends a lot of times with seungjae since they got closed. sometimes, they spend time with the three of them together, seungjae, chan and naeun. chan get attached to naeun, so does naeun. after a while of having some 'friendly' dates with seungjae, her mother started asking about her blind dates with seungjae and started to pressue her into marriage. her friends started questioning about it as well. naeun had think hard and long since she had a slight crush on seungjae, she was confused since she thought she hasn't moved on since her break up with jinho. naeun get tired of her family's constant pressure of getting married and decided to accept seungjae's proposal since she like him anyways.

"this may appear a bit rude, but don't you think about getting married? you know, being almost 30 and all." - seungjae

"of course, that's why i went to the blind dates with you. i was even planning of getting married before the end of the year if things actually worked out." - naeun.

"by the end of the year might be difficult, what about spring next year?" - seungjae

"huh?" - naeun

"why, you don't think we go out to eat every alternate days means things are working out for us?" - seungjae

"are you serious?" - naeun

"we're not getting younger and i know my son adores you as much. if it's not too much, would you like to be my son's mother?" - seungjae

"no." - naeun

"no?" - seungjae

"i want to be your wife, instead." - naeun.

december 2018:

"naeun-ah, should we really do this?" - seungjae

"what? getting married? why? don't you want to?" - naeun.

"i don't know. it seems like we are rushing into things a bit too much." - seungjae.

"have you heard about symbiosis?" - naeun

"no? what is that anyways? i was and always an art students." -seungjae.

"symbiosis means living together to benefit each other. let's just say you got the benefit to have a mother for your son and i get the benefit of being someone's wife before 30." - naeun

"does that mean we don't love each other then?" - seungjae

"i thought you love me?" - naeun

"i am! i like you since we first met!"  seungjae

"what about you? why do you love me?" - seungjae

"do you need a reason to love someone?" - naeun 

"can't you just answer me? *pouts* - seungjae

"i think you need to work harder." - naeun

january 2019:

"i don't like you." - seungyeon

"but your brother likes me." - naeun

"but you don't like him." - seungyeon

"says who?" - naeun

"you don't look like you love him as much as chan's mother does." - seungyeon

"maybe not as much." - naeun

"see? just leave him alone. he's not perfect for you." - seungyeon

"that's what i like about him. he's imperfect. but he's trying his best. he likes me and i like that about him. i love him because he loves me. " - naeun

"you're just selfish" - seungyeon

"maybe. but i love him nonetheless. love is the best when you have no reason. if you have a reason to love and the reason disappear one day, won't the love disappear too?" - naeun

"that's too complicated." seungyoon

"i agree."  seungjae

"you were listening?" - naeun

"i thought i'd get to hear the answer, but it's still too complicated." seungjae

*elle's notes (again, haha):
seungjae like naeun the first time he saw her, but since naeun is still in the moving on phase after her break up with jinho, they only decided to become friends. naeun started to like seungjae after spending more and more times with him, but she definitely likes him as soon as he asked her to get married. she wanted to get married when she was dating with jinho, but jinho keep avoiding the topic. with seungjae, he was the one who open up about marriage first, so naeun was sure seungjae wanted to be with her, and wants to marry her, and not just for fun. naeun was looking for someone to get married, so seungjae asking for marriage is definitely something she's greatly appreciate since she likes him too. that's why she agree to marry seungjae, even if seungjae only wants her to be chan's mother. seungjae loves naeun more since chan loves her. 

- naeun might be someone who didn't talk as much as seungjae before they got married but things totally changed after they got married. naeun definitely talked a lot more than seungjae would have imagined.
- they only see each other at nights, and sometimes they don't even see each others for days due to seungjae's work that require him to meet up certain datelines.
- naeun's working hour is flexible, so she was in charge of sending and picking up chan to and from his nursery.
- when seungjae was free, which is quite rare, they will spend their family times like any other normal families like going picnic, visiting their parents' house or going to the amusement park.
- seungjae sometimes feels bad naeun had to sacrifice her career when she's at peak to take care of chan, who is not ever her own son.
- naeun met her ex again on her wedding day, as seungjae's best man. both of them were quite taken aback since both of them never shared anything about their relationship with her, since they wanted to surpirse each other. jinho was shocked since he only saw her on the wedding day.
- jinho got transferred to naeun's company after the wedding to naeun's dismay and they had to work together to solve their past, and started to befriend with each other again.
- seungjae sometimes got jealous and jokingly asked naeun to transfer or quit so that she didn't see jinho anymore. he even go as far as bringing chan to his grandparents house on his own so that he doesn't have to see naeun and jinho interacted with each other.
- seungjae helps naeun to cook whenever ehe could and tries his best to give naeun a freedom from being chan's mother whenever he could, although naeun is very content in taking care of chan.
- seungjae wants another child, but he's afraid the same thing that happen to his ex-wife will happen to naeun as well.
- naeun wanted her own child so bad she tried her very best to get seungjae to agree with her.


✤ they got married on naeun's  27th birthday (internationally), march 19, 2019.
✤ naeun and seungjae didn't actually plan to go for honeymoon just the two of them, they instead went n family vacation, bringing chan and seungyeon along with them to japan.
✤ seungjae had to redesign their house interior after naeun painted everything neon bright pink.
✤ naeun dislikes black, while seungjae had a trauma on pink, but everything they own are matching in black and pink. while chan things are mostly yellow, seungyeon's are blue.
✤ they called each other like strangers - naeun-ssi and seungjae-ssi for the first few months of their marriage.
✤ "chan, tell your mommy/daddy..." or "seungyeon, tell your oppa/eonni..." whenever they fought with each other. 
✤ seungjae had countless rcording of naeun's talking to herself and singing in the shower for blackmailing purposes.
✤ naeun set the password for their apartment to chan's birthday since that's the only combination seungyeon remember for passwords.
✤ seungjae sometimes comes home with a bouquet of plastic flowers with cheesy notes, such as, "my love for you will never die until the last petals of this flower die", attempting to be romantic and chan ended up crushing them.
✤ seungjae once found out that naeun had sold his custome made shoes to his colleague.
✤ seungjae's chores: washing dishes, play with chan, bath with chan, clean the bathroom, fold clothes and throw out rubbish.
✤ naeun's chores: cook, wash and dry clothes, clean the house, read chan's storybook.


FACE CLAIM : svt s.coups (seungcheol)
BACKUP : bts v 

✤ jae : what naeun usually called him, so does his closest friends
yeobo: when naeun wants something from him
✤ channie appa: when naeun is upset + what other people usually refer him as.
BIRTHDAY : aug 08, 1992 (29)
OCCUPATION : architect
PROFANITY : since he's from daegu, he usually curse out loud whever he talk to his friend. he tried not to cursed as much around his wife and his son, but sometimes when he's too upset, he'll just shout it out, especially when driving.


TRAITS : supportive, reliable, loyal, obsevant, clumsy, stubborn, childish, 
PERSONALITY : seungjae is known as the lead actor of main drama, he's warm and approachable, although many called him a big baby, he has a very big and warm heart. he's very observant, always notice any small details or different in a person. he also has a very good memory, he could remember everything about a people he loves, but because of that sometimes he got it mixed up, especially around naeun and his ex-wife. the problem with seungjae is that he remembers only the dates, but he doesn't remember what is that for. sometimes he celebrate a date naeun didn't even know about just to realise that he got it mixed up after naeun questioned him. 

he's also stubborn and childish as well, that was the main reason of his verbal fight with naeun, especially about seungyeon and chan. they usually fight about chan's favorite food, how chan should tie his shoes, how the furniture should be arranged, how long seungyeon's skirt, the make up seungyeon's wear and other trivial stuffs.

*elle's note: it was supposed to be childish, not perfectionist. lolol. sorry! u_u
BACKGROUND : seungjae was born in daegu as the only son of the heo family, until seungyeon was born 9 years later. he went to seoul to study architecture and meet with his first wife and got married after dating for almost five years, but his wife died after giving birth to their son, chan. 
✤ his blood type is b
✤ he graduated from sungkyunkwan university, majored in architecture and design.
✤ he's a lefty
✤ he loves playing video games, although he try to slow it down after chan was born.
✤ he bit his nails often and got nagged for it.
✤ he's a fast driver, he get upset when he had to slow down, therefore he took public transport to work instead.
✤ he loves drinking, he'll only get mildly drunk after 4 - 5 bottles of soju.
✤ he's scared of blood, don't show him any cut if you don't want him to freak out instead of helping you.
✤ his favourite color is black, naeun once commented that he look like he never changed his shirt due to the huge amount of same-colored shirt he owned inside the closet.
✤ he had a huge pile of shoes that naeun may or may not throw it out or send it home behind his back.
ACTIVITY RATE : medium to high, according to my schedules. ^^
COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS : hope you like this couple! ^^
"chan is only five years old! even i don't study that much and i'm a university student" - seungyeon

"you're so sweet, but we're only married for a year, why are we celebrating our 1000th day already?" - naeun

"please, naeun. i am a macho man, how can i ride the freaking cure hello kitty car??" - seungjae

"why is chan's underwear pink?!" - seungjae

"boys can wear pink too! so i brought us all matching pink hoodies. let's wear it to your company spring's festival" - naeun

"y-you're...pregnant...?" - seungjae


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