Happy New Year :)

I've never wished Happy New Year here so here goes my first "HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :D :D :D"

I hope the past decade had been an experience that you learned a lot from. It sure did for me!

I wish for everyone to be happy and stay physically and most importantly, mentally healthy.

I also wish I could talk more with people from aff and make new friends but i'm quite shy ;__;

Anyway, if you want to talk me, just dm me or wall post (?) or sumn here. I also have twitter but idk if people want to know so hhh.

Ok bye!

(thank you for reading my lame fics throughout the year. have a great day - and year everyone!)


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Happy New Year! ^_^
Happy new year everyone!
Happy New Year! I'm always open to talk with anybody, so feel free to message me! ^^
Happy New Year! Let's be friends :)