Henry trap live controversy

Okay so I think 2012-2013 was an interesting period for fanservice. Especially what I like to call the live stage fanservice. Mnet, sbs etc. It's fascinating cause it's controversial, and not considered as normal as regular fanservice by Koreans. At least I think. With regular fanservice while controversial , it's not cause the general public can't see it. You can't really see it unless you go to a show. The gp aren't going to the shows. Since they aren't the targeted fanbase for idols. They are just ppl who sit, and watch the idol at home. Or they come across them as their kids are watching them. The kid is the fan but the gp is not. They are just a casual listener. The fan goes to shows and everything else. While gp don't. So yeah they don't see the fanservice really. I know they can have it on TV shows but still mostly fans watch, and it's still regulated at bit more. It can be played off for laughs more. Verious a serious song about a love. So when they see it it might shock them. The stage fanservice can be a bit more intense and fit the theme of the song. It was a pretty bold more for companies. Cause back then before that time it was rare on stage. Also along with that there was a trend of mv fanservice too. That's also bold cause before then it was rare. 12-13 service had a more natural less attention feel type service. It felt fitting even if fake. In the mvs and live stage I mean. Outside that no. Comparing that to now where the service is too intense. Or not fitting at all in live stages, and mvs. But it really could of caused a storm. If you blink you might miss it. ( Henry Trap, Bap no mercy, Cclown far away). I think it's more interesting live cause the possible response of gp. Since the whole nation can watch it they can't be too bold. 

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