Save Me From Myself Update

Hey guys! Just wanted to provide you with another update on Save Me From Myself.

I know another weekend has gone by without me posting an update.

I just wanted to let you all know I spent about six hours working on the story this weekend.


I took the 22,000 word scene tracker and broke each scene and plot point down into a numbered list.


So, everything on the tracker is on that list but I have a lot that I need to add to it to fully flesh the story out.


The biggest thing now is I need to get that numbered list in order. It's completely random right now as scene ideas tend to come at me out of order, so as soon as I think about them, I write them down. Keep in mind I have been working on this story since last February, I started coming up with scene ideas when I started writing Forbidden Angels.


So, it's quite a lot of scenes and ideas that have built up over time and most of it is out of order. I have 31 plot points right now on this numbered list and, as I said, I need to add the remaining plot points and scenes to build the rest of the story out. Then once I do that, I have to put all of it in order, then once it's in order, I need to take a hard look at the list and make sure everything makes sense, that the plot points flow, that I'm not missing any scenes or plot developments, etc.


Don't get me wrong, things come to me spontaneously (like Oneus was nowhere in my outline) and that's fine. But I always work off of a detailed outline and go from there when I'm writing a story. Then when things come up, they come up, it's not like the outline doesn't change, but I have to have one in order to write a story, that's just what my process is.


Just wanted to check in with you guys because, yeah, it's been 3 weeks since I updated! I was happy to see seven bookmarks on the most recent chapter. So glad you all continue to engage with the story.


This is the most complex story I've attempted so far and it's just taking time to figure out all the pieces to the plot and then get them into place.



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