Submitting Save Me From Myself for Publishing

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So, stuff going on. I just finished Save Me From Myself (last week, I think). First 100k+ word story, first story with over 100 comments, wrote it for a little over a year.


I am giving two weeks notice at my job today, which is a huuuge deal. I have an overly obsessive work ethic and am a total perfectionist. I am also passive, shy and introverted. That's a fairly bad mix when it comes to corporate America.


I work at a huge, globally known, Fortune 500 company and I have been here (as a temp) for a little over a year. I have done absolutely every single last thing they have thrown at me, no matter how unreasonable, and have exceeded all expectations -- and have nothing to show for it.


On top of being manipulated, taken advantage of, used and treated like .


Something happened yesterday and I finally decided, enough is enough. So, I am giving two weeks notice today.


With that said, on top of job searching (as I don't have a job lined up), I am going to be 100% focused on getting Save Me From Myself published.


I have looked into how this works and spoken with several published authors (with dozens of pubilished books) and my understanding of the process is:

  • Find agents who specialize in your genre (obviously, male male a although my stories are genre and not slice of life so that minimizes the pool considerably).
  • Write a 250 word query letter that summarizes your novel.
  • Send query letter via email to agents.
  • If an agent is interested, they will ask for a partial manuscript.
  • I send the agent the partial manuscript.
  • If the agent is interested in the partial manuscript, s/he sends it to the publishing company they have a relationship with to see if they're interested.
  • If the publishing company is interested, they ask for the full manuscript.
  • If they like the manuscript, they offer me a contract to publish my book.

That's my understanding of the process. I thought there was a page long letter that had to be written at some point but I am not seeing it in my notes.

Writing what I write, there are a limited amount of agents I can submit to, which can make the process harder. But I am determined.

So, wish me luck! This is a dream of mine and I think Save Me From Myself is a good story so I really hope it gets published.



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