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kim yubin

Name. Kim Yubin 김유빈



Dad / Yeah, to everyone's surprise, Yubin has taken on the dad role of the group. He may look and be soft, no one can behave badly under his watch. The strict but embarassing dad, that's him.

U-Bin / This is not his stagename, but because his big brother has U-kwon as his stagename, people often jokingly call him U-bin online.
Baby dad / another variation on the dad nickname, not cause he has a baby, but because he looks like an actual baby, and is often mistaken as part of the maknae line, despite being the oldest.
Squishy / just look at those cheeks, and you'll know why they call him this.

Walking contradiction / he's a baby that dresses like an edgy punk. But he does not behave like an edgy punk, but laughs all the time. He looks like a baby, but is the oldest and dad of the group. He's not just your soft baby dad, but also tough, courageous and strict. He contradicts himself all the time, and that earned him this nickname.


Birthdate. 05 January 1994

Birthplace. Suwon, South Korea

Hometown. Suwon, South Korea

Nationality. Korean

Ethnicity. Korean


Korean / native / Yubin generally speaks with a stronger tone than people expect judging from his appearance. He's very outspoken and has a clear and loud voice. He's always able to be heard and interrupt when needed. He has to, taking care of this mess of a group.

English / basics / Yeah his English is really not good, he knows the basics, but they're heavily accented and he can't do much more than the necessities for survival.


Faceclaim. HBY's Taro

Backup. Hotshot's Taehyun


Height. 169 cm


Yubin is a very cute appearance who definitely seems younger than he actually is. He has sharp eyes, just like his big brother, but he's way smaller, and squishier. He has cute, fluffy, hamster-like cheeks paired with an adorable smile. His hair is puffy and currently dyed icy blue. He has short munchkin legs and is quite insecure about his height, but also uses it to tease his kids. For example, when other members ask who his 'favorite kid' is, he'll disregard any of them who's taller than 175 cm. The only moment he actually feels secure about his height is when the girl he likes assures him that he's the perfect height, because they are the exact same height.



Yubin's style is actually very surprising. People expect him to dress colorfully and have a cute style to fit with his appearance and personality, but it's actually not the case. His clauset is mostly black with some touches of neon colors. He has lots of leather clothes, also lots of chains, harnesses and more stuff like that. His clothing style is really edgy, even having some influences from steampunk and cyberpunk. He's a heavy boy. He especially loves to wear chunky platforms, not only because it's his style, but also because it makes him taller, of course. He's basically a cutie who dresses fully opposite to his face and body.



He has a total of five tattoos that fit with his clothing style and aesthetic. At debut time, they'll be hidden, because they don't fit the group's concept, so he is always seen wearing long sleeves and pants, even when it's really hot. In official pictures, they are photoshopped out. But maybe years later, they'll allow him to showcase his tattoos. 1 2 3 4 5



Personality Traits. mbti type: ENFJ - hogwarts house: gryffindor


(+): caring, cheerful, humorous, courageous

(0): strict, tough

(-): petty, paranoid, overly protective, overimaginative


caring: yeah he's the group's edgy dad. He looks like a baby, dresses like a punk, and cares for people like a real papa. He and the mom Hyeonju sure are a funny pair. The mom has a face and the dad looks like a baby... at least they're both small?? Well, back onto the topic, Yubin has learned from a young age to treat everyone with respect, and he is willing to sacrifice a lot for his friends. He cares for his children more than anyone else (except maybe hyeonju).


cheerful and humorous: yeah he may dress like the edgy kid of school that never smiles, he definitely doesn't act like that. This boy just loves dark clothes and it gives him confidence in himself and forget about his looks and chubby babyface. He still walks around with a smile plastered on his face, contrasting his clothes. He loves to smile, he loves the feeling of laughing so hard his cheeks and tummy hurt. He loves happiness. And that's why he tries his hardest to bring it both to himself and other people around him.


courageous and tough: he might be small, but yet again, he's contradicting himself. He actually loves adrenaline and feeling it rush through his body. When he feels fear, he starts to feel more confident and powerful because of it. He is a daredevil who isn't afraid of taking risks. He also has tough elephant skin, so hate from netizens or a groupmember yelling at him doesn't get to him usually. But once it pierces through his thick skin, it pierces through his heart as well... so don't ever try to go that far, cause it'll break him.


strict, petty and overly protective: he's a dad that can't be messed with. He deeply cares for his children, and that's also why he handles them with a damn strong grip. He rules over the kids with strict rules and even possible punishments when they disobey. He can actually be quite scary when angry, so it's a great way to keep the kids in check, and there won't be any scandals of misbehavior coming out under Yubin's watch. He's very petty, so the single smallest misbehavior and he'll make your life a hell for at least one day. If he has to punish severely, it hurts him, because he does this to keep the kids safe and away from scandals and knetz hate. He does it out of care, and it makes him deemed overly protective. He sees the grown men like 5 year olds who need to be watched over at all times. He's always there to make sure his kids are okay, even puts curfews on them. He's way too protective. Sasaengs have no chance with this group.


Paranoid and overimaginative: Yubin always expects the worst to happen. This is also a big reason why he is so strict to the kids. He is afraid something would happen to them if he ever lets them go out alone, even if it's for 10 seconds. He always thinks way too far and takes stuff out of context. He sees schemes and bad things in everything. He remains friendly, of course, but the suspicion is always there. If you want to earn his complete trust, you have to work your off. One mistake and you've ed up. And you know how petty he is...



Yubin was born as the third and youngest child after two older brothers. First there was Yujeong, then there was Yukwon, and the last one was Yubin. All two years after each other. Even though the gap between Yukwon and Yubin always seemed much bigger. Yubin had a great life growing up. He was raised well with loving parents and brothers by his side. He always followed his brothers around, especially Yukwon. He followed his older brother's examples all the time. It's a good thing they were good guys. But then their life came crashing down on them, when Yubin lost his dad when he was in junior high.


Losing your dad is heartbreaking, and the family's hearts were shattered into pieces. Because Yukwon wanted to dance so bad, their oldest brother Yujeong started working, so he could pay for the dance classes. That made Yukwon into the talented dancer and idol today. But Yubin thought differently. This was the first time he strayed from his big brother. He saw that Yujeong was suffering so hard while working to pay for Yukwon's dance lessons, Yubin didn't want to give him extra burden to want to go to classes too. He remained at home, he started concentrating on his vocals, practicing in front of the mirror. He became a self-trained vocalist, and while he didn't have the techniques of main vocals down, he still could hit the notes damn well, and he's very stable with a good tone too.


Around the time he started thinking about becoming an idol, his big brother debuted as member of Block B. Remember? The send all your friends home part? Yubin still teases Yukwon with it up to this day. But putting that aside, Block B's debut was really what pushed Yubin over the edge to become a trainee too. He didn't want to be in the same company, because he knew he wouldn't get a chance quickly in Stardom, because Block B just debuted, and it was their first group. Yukwon was very happy with that. Yubin ended up going to Woollim, and after three years, he was ready to debut. But he had seen his brother go through a lot during his idol life, Yujeong was suffering too, and of course their lovely mother... When Yubin heard that he was the oldest of the group, he promised himself and the others that he'd make sure they were all safe, scandal-free, and had a dad figure while their real dads weren't around, because he knows very well how it is to be dadless.




- his children

- banana milk

- smiling and making others smile as well

- potter glasses, even though he doesnt need them

- bright colored hair

- his brothers, they mean the world to him

- milky stuff (do NOT view this with a dirty mind)

- dark and edgy clothes
- singing
- wholesome memes
- wholesome songs
- everything wholesome, he wants to feel warm and fuzzy
- spring
- indian curry
- alcohol, still a dad after all
- tattoos



- strawberry milk, while he does like strawberry
- softdrinks that are too sweet like coke
- having an unhealthy lifestyle
- people who don't eat their veggies
- when his kids misbehave
- broccoli
- lasagna
- knetz, especially when they harm his brother
- corruption
- bullying
- addictions, he had some trouble with the alcohol when he was younger because of his dad's passing, but he now drinks it in a smart way
- delinquents, so why did he end up falling in love with one?


- putting his fingertip on the corner of his mouth while thinking
- biting down on his teeth while concentrating, not like just clenching his teeth, but constantly like he's chewing food
- spreading out all his limbs while sleeping. He always wakes up that way
- he sleeps so tight that a bomb would not wake him up, but he always gets up the earliest somehow, and he only needs a minute to become awake from that comatose slumber of his
- winking whenever he sees a camera before showing a bright grin
- he ALWAYS finds the cameras (like dahyun from twice)
- wearing long sleeves and pants even when it's really hot, because his agency told him to hide his tats. They warned him about it, and he knew he had to when he got the tattoos, but he still got them and doesn't complain


- tennis, the only time he is seen wearing white clothes
- electric guitar
- watching reddit youtube and ing over the entitled parents subreddit
- watching esports while he doesn't play the games


- death
- losing people dear to him
- snakes and other poisonous animals
- the paranormal
- being followed


Special talents:
- he can do a spagat but don't ask him to do anything else related to dance
- he's really good at cleopatra battle dolphin shrieks
- his style of singing is completely different than his brother, but he can imitate it easily, while his brother can't imitate him at all. He does get some backlash though, thinking he does it because his brother is famous


- people have assigned Green day's walking contradiction as Yubin's theme song
- his favourite group is Rainbow
- his favourite song is Goldfinger by Suran and primary
- he follows league of legends, overwatch and csgo esports but doesn't play the actual games
- his favourite youtuber is sorrow tv
- his goal is to always feel wholesome, and make the world wholesome too
- the other members often complain that he's too strict, and maybe he is, but he just wants the best for his babies
- he got his love for edgy clothing from his crush



His brothers / Kim Yukwon & Kim Yujeong / (at the time of debut) 24 & 26 / member of Block B & waiter / Yubin's two brothers mean everything to him. They are his role models, his everythinf. He seems much younger than the two, but it actually isn't that much. He fits right in with the two, even though he tends to stand out. Whenever he feels down or needs advice, he just goes to them. They are the best bros he could ever wish for, and they made him into the man he is today.



These crazy uncles / Block B / varies / idol group / don't get him wrong, Yubin loves Yukwon's groupmates. Just... why do they all seem much younger than him? They're such dumb idiots sometimes that Yubin can't help but facepalm at them. They have helped Yubin out a lot with dealing with trainee and idol life though, and they always make sure to promote Oh my boy and gush about how cute and awesome Yukwon's baby brother is.



Can you shrink down please / Song Youngho / 19 / groupmate / Youngho and Yubin certainly do get along, but boy, why does he have to be so ing tall? Yubin sometimes doesn't want to talk to him cause he doesn't want to hurt his neck looking up at Youngho. Boy should sympathise with this poor little dad and crouch down.



so... he's my wife then? / Shin Hyeonju / 21 / groupmate / This is a sentence that is heard at least once a day in the dorm: 'hey, face! Take better care of the damn kids!' Yubin's first reaction when hearing that Hyeonju is called the mom of the group was: 'wait... so this face is my wife?' Of course he doesn't dislike Hyeonju, but he just calls him face or face wife because he has such a face. And he's petty because he wants to be the leader, but Hyeonju could possibly be the leader as well, so he's not only wife, he's also competition. They both want to be in charge, and sometimes they work together, but other times they fight like roosters to see who comes out on top. Yubin doesn't fully believe in Hyeonju's parent abilities either, so that only makes it worse.


Child, you have to think more of yourself / Gi Jinhyeon / 21 / groupmate / Jinhyeon is definitely one of the best behaving children of oh my boy. Yubin loves him, but also worries a lot about him, because he believes that Jinhyeon is just too vulnerable and selfless for this cruel world. He requires extra watch and spoiling.


Stage Name. Yubin, he decided to just keep it real.

Plotline. 04 Seunghee

Backup. 06 Binnie or 01 Hyojung


Vocal Twin. HBY Taro (Imfact Taeho & HBY Taro)

Rap Twin. HBY Taro (N/A)

Dance Twin. HBY Taro (the same)

Trainee Years. 3 years

Trainee Life. 

Yubin came into the trainee life fully prepared mentally. He heard everything from his brother and knew that it would be a hard time for him, and that he should not give up until he lost all hope. Everything that came at him, from exhausting days with barely any sleep to almost being kicked out of the company because he was ill during an evaluation, he conquered it all without fear. Because he knew all about the life, he could tackle it and also share his knowledge and power with other trainees. They admired his courage, power and personality. And also maybe because he was the little brother of U-kwon. He didn't have the technique of a main vocal coming into the company, and he still hasn't, but he has developed a singing style that is subtle, not overly decorated with little accents, like some well-known singers do. He might not be able to make runs like people like super junior's yesung, Yubin is more stable and warm sounding than many other main vocals. Oh, and he also picked up a bit of rapping on the way.






2014 / false / "Oh my boy's Yubin riding on U-kwon's fame?", this is after the first time he impersonated his big brother. He just liked to do it, but some knetz thought he solely did it to gather more fame because he's the little brother of. All three brothers were pretty ing pissed.

?? (later into the story) / True / There would be first dating rumors of Miyeon and Yubin when they aren't dating yet, but it actually brought them closer, and made them date, basically. So the second time articles of the likes of "Oh my boy's Yubin and actress Ahn Miyeon rumored to be dating" get released onto the web, it would in fact be true.


the good kid, and the class delinquent?


Love interest. Ahn Miyeon (fc: CLC Seungyeon)
Backup. another member



Miyeon, just like Yubin, has changed a lot through the years. Let's just say that they exchanged bits of their style and personalities. Good boy Yubin became edgy, and class delinquent Miyeon changed into a classy lady, but she's still kind of rebellious, and Yubin is still a good boy. Miyeon was everything Yubin didn't like when they first met as junior high freshmen, a cocky, tough delinquent who disobeyed the teachers, but still somehow getting amazing grades. She was just so smart that junior high wasn't a challenge. She was the class delinquent, but never really went further than mockery and disobeying rules. She was never actually a bully. That shows that she still had a heart. She occasionally helped out other students and showed care for them. But Yubin couldn't see that in the delinquent. His vision was very black and white. But yet... she was just so beautiful.


Miyeon didn't lose all of her rebelliousness, not at all. She's still a stubborn girl who gets irritated easily as well. She's also very tough, even tougher than Yubin, and totally the dominant one in their relationship. She wants it her way, or no way, but she has learned to keep these things to herself when she became an actress. But thanks to Yubin, she has become more caring, and she's like that one sassy aunt of the family who calls you names, but still cares for you.


Love Story. 

To say they started out badly is an understatement. They met by becoming classmates in first year of junior high, and have been stuck together all the way to high school graduation. Miyeon, the delinquent, and Yubin, the good kid. They immediately disliked each other. Until the day Yubin's father died. It actually brought them together. It went like this:


Miyeon approached him while he was winding down on the school rooftop. Yubin at first wanted to run away, but Miyeon had a sad and apologetic expression, so he decided to give her a chance. Miyeon seemed grateful, and sat down next to Yubin. She carefully patted his back, trying to comfort him. She gave him her condolences for his father, and then the story came. The story that would change everything. Miyeon was very insecure, because her dad had fallen ill too. She was so afraid he was going to go as well, so she had come to Yubin to share her story that no one else knew. Because his father had just died. They could share their stories with each other freely, because they were going through the same. Miyeon's dad luckily ended up surviving, and Yubin expected Miyeon to not come by on the rooftop anymore to chat, because her dad was healed up, but she kept appearing. She still wanted to talk to Yubin, and it somehow made him happy. Ever since they befriended each other, Miyeon's behavior had started to change, and many came to Yubin to thank him for that. They thanked him for taming her. But he would always reply that it was her own decision to change.


At the beginning, there was only interest, no love, and they were just great friends. Yubin became a trainee, and Miyeon started to become actress. They couldn't see each other a lot anymore because of the celebrity lives, but that just made their feelings for each other sprout and grow into a mutual crush. They realised how much they miss each other's presence.


Ending. Dating

Status. Mutual crush


Relationship Trivia. 

They're the exact same height

Yubin always thought Miyeon was stunning

Miyeon always thought Yubin was the cutest thing ever

Miyeon is now an actress, she hasn't had a lead role yet and currently only acts in school dramas because she's a young rookie. She usually plays either the or the sassy best friend role.
They absorbed each other's clothing style, at least for a bit. Yubin became the edgy dresser after a while, because he liked it on Miyeon, but Miyeon became classier over the years. She's still edgy though.

They're playfully called the edgy couple.

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