What Makes a Reader Comment

So I write a lot or try to and I just became recently kind of curious as to what would make you comment on a story or what you think makes people comment on stories?

I find I try to comment throughout a story I'm reading; especially if it is one I'm particularly invested in-at the moment that is only one fanfic so whenever the writer updates I make sure to comment but for now that is about all I manage to do.

What about you?

Edit: Just wanted to clarify that this is just a question and not me trying to be rude or disrespectful


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I sometimes tend to ask questions by the end of each chapter. It helps a bit to make people talk when they are asked a direct question relating to the chapter :)
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well most importantnis cliffhanger? and fluffiness of the story.. but mostly i have no time to comment each chapter
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There are a lot of factors that make me comment actually. I usually read fics in my spare time between work, school, and writing, so overall I'm a silent reader, but I'm trying to work on that. I think one of the main factors that make me comment, especially from writing myself is when I see well written pieces that don't follow the usual outline most fics do here on AFF.

Another reason why I might comment is when something is just beautifully written. I love seeing extremely detailed works that make me feel like I'm watching a movie and authors who are able to do that deserve all of the praise. It's really hard to get someone to visualize if you're not a writer professional so I like to give those writers a kudos.

Lastly, I always consider if I enjoyed it. If a fic was overall enjoyable, I always try to leave a comment or at least an upvote because I know it encourages almost everyone to write more. So if I enjoyed your fic, you will get some form of appreciation from me one way or another.
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as a reader, im a slight 50/50 when it comes to leavin comments.
& tbh, I'm more of a silent reader since I'm not great with expressing whatever it is that i've just read...so MOST of the time, I'll continue on subbin/readin whenever a story gets updated. but when it does come to the point where i DO leave a comment (which is only 5% of the time), is when the storyline is great or there's some kind of cliffhanger that kinda leaves me hangin & i didn't wanna be hangin loose til the next update xD
hope that makes sense
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Tbh, I am a reader that usually read throughout aka a silent reader - well, I used to. But, I jumped out from my comfort zone and hyped out the stories by commenting especially if the stories are so, so good!! I rarely leave a comment if I'm reading a fic from this site and I just prefer reading them. But when I'm on Wattpad, I'm more active at commenting there since I can do some inline comments and idk, I find it convenient??

But to answer your question, the things that usually makes me leave a comment is when an unexpected scene came up in the story. Or, when the chapter ends with a cliffhanger and that I'm craving for more huhu. But sometimes when the dialogues hits me so damn hard in the heart and is relatable, that's when I will be a monkey and comment. Hahahaha xD

As an author myself as well, most of my readers usually comment on things where there are scenes when the characters did some skinship for the first time after many chapters that they've read or some heartbreaking scenes or when I included some heart-wrenching dialogues sksjaha. That's when they'll go "asdghjpaba" at the comment sections. But not gonna lie tho, there are still comments where the readers just said "update soon pls!" and etc. I'm not angry tho when I came across this kind of comment since I'm already used to it and sometimes I would just tell them to wait patiently for the new updates.

I think on a general view, readers would comment whenever they feel like they want to. And, we, authors, can't really force anyone to leave a comment. I remember back in the days, I leave a question on my A/N at the end of every chapter that I updated and received no answers at all :")) But like, I guess most people feels comfortable to be a silent reader instead, so we can't really expect them to appear at the comment section - which is something that I can relate too.

I hope these answers your curiosity! ^^