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Decided to do one of these cuz it's been a hot minute lol and these bring back nostalgia of my early aff days lol / Taken from Deff-Soull 


#1 How did you come up with your user name and what does it mean? 

-it was a play on one of my friend’s username and also cuz I like blueberry muffins! 



#2 Which is your most subscribed to story?

-my B.A.P. Drabble series lol



#3 Why did you pick your photo/thumbnail?

-again, I like blueberry muffins lol



#4 Who is your AFF bestie?

-i've actually lost touch with a lot of people i met on aff and i regret that lol but i am currently talking to these lovely people: @Deff-Soull, @asagsq , @jaesmine  <3 if you want to talk to me pls just message me! ^0^ 


#5 Is there a fanfic that you keep going back to read again and again?

-nah i regularly read through new fics and all my bookmarks lol im always reading tbh lol


#6 How many stories are you subscribed to? 

-484 fics



#7 Which AU do you find yourself writing the most? 

-ABO LOL no jk i really love all aus tbh and usually only write aus haha



#8 The question wasn't there so I'll skip it.

-hmmm i'll just say another fact about me i guess lol : i'm left handed :D



#9 Is there something you'd like to write but are afraid of people judging you for it? (Feeling brave? If so, share it!)

-ummm nothing really?? i usually just write what i want, all my fics now are pretty self-indulgent haha



#10 Is there anything you would like to be better at on AFF? Writing, graphic design (posters), replying to comments, updating regularly etc?

-actually posting lol and leaving more comments 



#11 How many subscribers do you have? 

-unique subscribers?? umm hehe 1766 <3



#12 How many stories have you posted online to this day (finished and unfinished)?

-well on aff i have a total of 42 posted fics lol and on ao3 52 posted fics lol some of them are cross posts and the rest are anime fics i don't have on here lol



#13 How many stories do you have saved in your writing program?

-hundreds. i literally have so many drafts and outlines that I havent touched in years on word and google drive it's insane i literally had to sort anything that i haven't touched since 2015 in another folder there were so many haha



#14 Do you write down your story ideas or just keep them in your head?

-i write all of them down



#15 Have you ever co-authored a story?

-yes! both here and ao3! i am also a beta reader for a few peeps xD



#16 How did you discover AFF?

-i got into kpop and someone mentioned aff and i was like what's that and here we are lol



#17 Do you consider yourself to be a popular or famous author on AFF?

-heck no lol



#18 Do you have a nickname or fandom name for your readers?

-i don't but all my readers are lovely sweethearts <3



#19 Was there an AFF author who inspired or encouraged you to write?

-all aff authors inspire me to write! fics and their authors make my day by just producing all this good content and it's like i also want to contribute to the fandom! 



#20 How many karma points do you have?

-ahahaha 8908



#21 What writing advice would you give to a beginning author?

-write what you want to write (and everyone else tbh)! (i say this as primarily a author welp) 



#22 Do you plot out your stories or do you just figure it out as you go?

-both lol sometimes i just word dump and that becomes a fic and others i had outlines for lol 



#23 Have you ever gotten a bad review or comment on a story? If so, what did you do?

-i ignore it and if i can, i delete it, i don't like starting drama but i will be screen shotting the comment and salting about it in my group chat lol but that's it lol



#24 Is there a certain type of scene that you have a hard time writing (action, etc).

-it’s so hard for me to write multichaptered fics lol like not connected drabbles but actual multichaps haha



#25 What story(s) are you working on now?

-i have 3 separate markson/jark drafts, 2 hyungwonho/2won drafts, the BAP yamazaki au, a krisho draft, and 2 jihan/shujeong drafts lol oh and a yoonhoon (woozi/suga lmao i love them) draft! mind you these are the current drafts im working on that are kpop i also have anime and other fandom ones hahaha



#26 Do you plan your next project(s) before you finish your current ongoing story(s)?

-all the mcfreaking time lol that's why i have so many drafts haha



#27 Do you have a daily writing goal set for yourself?

-no but I do have a goal to post at least 5 fics every year (i completed this! yay!)



#28 Do you think you've improved as a writer since you first started?

-oh definitely! reading older fics of mine makes me cringe but it's part of the growing process lmao the best thing to do to improve is just start, and also reading! i read 300% more than i write.



#29 What is your favorite story that you've written?

-i don't think i have a fav lol that's like asking whose your fav child lol tbh tho i've very fond of my joshua synesthesia fic haha



#30 What is your least favorite story that you've written?

-any of my old fics lol they're like not good lol but it is nice to see how i have improved! xD



#31 Where do you see yourself (as a writer) in 5 years?

-hopefully able to finally write multichap fics lol



#32 How many upvotes do you have?

-ahaha 506, thank you guys <3 you're all super sweet to me!!



#33 What is the easiest thing about writing?

-imagining the scenarios 



#34 What is the hardest thing about writing?

-actually writing the scenarios lol



#35 Why do you write? 

-i write for me <3 writing is a hobby that i picked up in my pre-teen years and fics have really helped me develop my own writing, both in fiction and in non-fiction works such as papers and the like. i love the written word and would love to write an anthology one day haha 



thanks for sticking around this long guys!! lol if you want to hmu on ao3 or twitter also <3



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Glad to be your bestie^^
This was very fun to read tbh, I really love your stories!!!!!!!!!!