This year has been really good to me, so as a thank you for sticking with me, even though I hardly did anything in AFF this year, I’m doing a giveaway!

WHAT: Giveaway!

1 winner will receive the following;

  • 1 sealed Album, photocards included (Love Version OR Shot Version)
  • 1 Poster
  • +1 Freebie from me

WHO: Strictly for my readers only. Old and new.

WHEN: December 4th - December 24th.

WHERE: Asianfanfics ONLY.

WHY: December is the time to give ;). Also see announcement below.

HOW: Requirements are;

1. Must be subscribed to at least 2 of my stories.

2. Must upvote one(1) story I’ve written. If you wanna do this to more than one story, it’s still counted as one entry. Kindly choose a story you haven't upvoted yet. Here’s the link to my list of stories. Click LIST OF STORIES

3. Comment on the story of choice. Let me know why you upvoted, and why you’re joining the giveaway. (Simple or long comments are acknowledged, as long as it comes from the heart).

4. Upvote this blog.

Failure to do all four requirements will not be counted as an entry.

More deets!

  • The giveaway can be joined by my readers only.
  • Shipping fee is on me!
  • You can join the giveaway starting now up to December 24th, 12PM KST.
  • Any entry joined after the date and time shall be null and void.
  • One winner shall be announced on December 25th as a form of another blog. If you wanna keep posted, follow my blog!
  • The winner must be willing to share his/her information to me.
  • If you have further questions, do so by commenting on this blog. Do not ask by sending me a pm. Do not ask questions by commenting on my stories. Do not post on my wall regarding this giveaway. Only comments in this blog will be answered.
  • See photos of the prize below.

     Good luck to everyone who’s going to join!



I know you guys noticed how little to no update has been made by me. My job really is the reason why I don’t have time to write anymore. As of late, I’ve been offered a new position that I have been eyeing for some time now, and I’ve recently been given intensive interviews for that position. Long story short, I GOT THE JOB! My dilemma is I had to choose between my new job and writing. I’m choosing the former.

So...what I’m trying to say is, I’ll be leaving AFF soon. Soon, not right away. This is one of the reasons why I’m doing a giveaway. I won’t leave my fics unfinished tho. I will finish all my on-going stories, but I don’t think I’ll write new stories. No promises (cause sometimes inspiration hits you hard and you’re left with this itch that you can’t ignore, so you just make another fic to scratch that itch. Lol).

Thank you for taking the time to read the stories I put out. For sending me comments and dms. For the upvotes I never thought I’ll get from so many people and thank you for being such sweethearts.

It’s been a short but fun journey!


P.S. I made another giveaway on twitter. Same price, different rules. If you wanna join that too, here’s the link! TWITTER GIVEAWAY!!!



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hunnie_26 0 points #1
Thank you spend for time to write those story 🙏🏼Congrats 🎊
Goshhhhh this blog makes me cry. But I understand. You should priotitize your work... Good luck! :)
Guys! If you want to join the GA, please comment on the story of your choice (The Imaginary Friend, Flirtationship, Summer Lovin', The Eve, Double Trouble, A Shot At Redemption or Burning Desire), not here.
I Upvoted in almost all of your stories already..so will that count? or do I have to Upvote again?
Monggu-88 #5
Hi. Congrats on your new job. Thank you for doing this lovely giveaway. I love your style of writing & how you draw people in; always making me feel like I'm the lead lady, if only I could have one exo member haha. I think I have read and upvoted your stories, sometimes I get too into the story that I forget about it.
I do wish that, you'll upload once in awhile when inspirations hits you cause your extremely talented & I'll realllllllly miss your stories. Big big big thank you again. Keep doing you. Mai xxx
Hello! Congratulations on your new job! I am so happy to hear that especially since I am actually looking for my first job. It gives me hope , that everything will be okay! Thank you for your work! I really appreciate you putting up your writing on the web for the world to see. It takes a lot of guts to do that. I decided to upvote this fic because the premise is really interesting and I can't wait to see how it unfolds. I like how it is mysterious and just gets the readers hooked onto the fic.
Thank you for being so sweet and doing this whole giveaway.
I really love EXO , ever since the first teaser came out - and I never looked back since. This is why I decided to participate in this giveaway. :')
Hello! Congratulations on your new job! And you don't have to be sorry for prioritizing your real life cause it's indeed the most important thing :) The reason why I upvoted this story was because I was SOO into flirtationship. The ride of emotion from that fanfict, the way Sehun just oh so suddenly left her. I can still feel the pain every time I reread that fict again. Through this fiction I really wanna see how the OC's moving on, how Sehun may have been miserable from all the years he spent without being with OC and maybe some payback from the OC? Haha ;) and I really appreciate you doing this give away!! I reaaaallyy want this album because I reaally wanna support my EXO baes as much as they have been supporting to me (indirectly and unconciously making me feel happy whenever I feel sad by watching and listening to them), but I don't have enough money as I've been trying to save up to give back to my parents and also support my own life bcs I live alone now that I'm in university, soo yeah, I hope I can win this giveaway :) thank you so much author nim for ur kind attention<3<3<3
The reason i started reading all your stories was because of flirtationship. I read that so many times cause it was a beautifully written story. I like the way you write your stories like how you structure your words and stuff lol. So i upvoted flirtationship because i really liked it. I entered this giveaway because i want to get the album T.T like its so nice and it's their repackage so it should be better than DMUMT. Anyways congrats on your new job! And goodluck in whatever you do in the future ❤
Ngociiii #9
I just want to thank you for all the beautiful stories you’ve put up so far (and thank god for you finishing before your leave or else i would have died cause they are such masterpieces!! ). It’s very sad to hear that Aff will loose one of its best writers but I guess the fact that you’re succeeding career wise makes up for that again :)). I wish you all the best for the future and hope that one day maybe you’ll come back.
Good luck ♡
I commented on Flirtationship, but just I want to thank you so much here for all the hard work you’ve put into your stories for so long and totally understand that you chose what you chose because that’s such a great opportunity for you especially in the future and your career! Don’t ever feel bad or anything that you’re leaving aff for that job opportunity that you’ve been eyeing! I hope you the best on your new job and future endeavors! I’m starting to look for internships lately and understand how busy things can get when you take on new tasks and have to prioritize what’s for the best! Best of luck with everything and thank you so much for all the stories you’ve written! <333
Fadelah #11
Giveaway or not I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work cuz truly you are very talented and I’ve read most of your stories and I love them! Good luck with your new job I don’t know you personally but I believe that you are a hardworking person who deserves that promotion so be proud of yourself.
Thank you again and I hope you never stop writing
I'm sooooo in love with you!!!!!!
Although it's like a good bye present....
Anyway thank you honeyyyyy!!
Should we say here that we'll join or something?
Alice2007 #13
I'm a very distracted person lol. But I'm always waiting for your updates, I think the first story that I read from you was Flirtationship - not sure rolf- but I'm so happy for you and all the changes you must be going on. I finish University last year on December and till now I have no job. I was working at this company for two years while I was a student but they just told me they were really sorry that they couldn't hired me, even tho I was doing the work of a hited person a not the work of a student, and obviously they paid me like a student too. It help, now I have the experience must of my classmates don't have, but still big time, because in the real world doesn't matter, even with all the experience that I have must companies don't want to pay me the right amount of what the position deserves and it's because I'm too young or I have more than the experience they want. I still tried working even if what they were offering wasn't the best but they usually just tried to give me more work because they new I could handle it but no more money. Anyways I'm finding the time of the year very difficult, I'm trying to keep my depression in check and stay occupied doing something (reading or doing temporary jobs) because feeling like a failure .

So, I just want to tell you to enjoy your new job, this new phase, smile and be patient, don't worry too much if you can't for some reason finish a story the way you want, will still read it and be happy with it.

Have a nice end of the year, Enjoy Exo's come back and see you around!
_maherx #14
Im happy for the give away but im sad at the same time. No more stories from you. You are one of the best writer on aff
I am happy you've got the job but am also sad that you're going to leave Aff