How I got Into Kpop World


I am on my mood to write but not updating my story. I am so sorry about this :( So I decided to write a blog about how I am pulling into this K-World and end up stanning EXO. The world which you can never go back ;)

Well, I do really enjoy dancing. No, I am not a good a dancer. Not even a dancer. I quit dancing because I injured my knee during my dance practice. After I get better, well I never practicing my dance again, until now.

I love to see people dance. Sometimes I am coming to watch a dance or cheerleading competition just to watch them. Even though there is no one that I know who is competing. I just enjoy watching those people dancing.

When Hallyu Wave is coming to town, most of my friends are welcoming them. I know Super Junior since their debut days but I just enjoy their performance. Their dance and sing are very great. Not stanning or having any bias just like now. Its happening since my high school days.

When I graduated from high school, I am continueing my study outside my hometown. With limited internet connection, money and so on. Oh yes, I cannot afford any kind of albums not even a concert tickets because I dont have much money. During my freshmen year, SNSD is very viral. All of my bachelor degree friends are listening to them. This starts to trigging my curiousity. Who is SNSD??

And tara! I end up watching Gee MV and falling in love with them! So yes, SNSD is the first group that introduce me to this world. I am joining the dance club during my college days. The dance club had an unit which specialized in covering Kpop Dance. Just like what I've mention before, during my practice days, I injured my knees and so on. I quit from the dance club but keep supporting them. Like watching them whenever I have time. And maintaining a good relationship with the others because, yeah, I need them for some of my college tasks.

I still remember when a friend of mine showing EXO - Growl MV on my dorm room. But I do not interest with them! LOL! Well, I know EXO from her but not stan them, yet. I am still stan SNSD. Until I graduate from college, well I still just stan SNSD. But I just can watch them from the internet because I do not have much money to fulfill my fangirl wishes.

Well then I graduate from college and start to become a jobseeker. During my jobseeking time, like what should I do before I got any calls? So yeah, I exploring the internet and find EXO - Overdose MV and hell yeah, I am falling in love with them especially Kyungsoo >.< Yes, my ultimate bias is Kyungsoo but I dont know why, it is so hard for me to make a story about him. I can make the others easier but not him.

This is the beginning of my fangirl life. I start to listen to the other boy or girl group. And find the others also interesting. Kpop songs start to filling my playlist. Until I finally landed on my very first job. It paid very well, so I can spend a bit money for my fangirl needs. Buy some albums, official merch, fan made merch, and so on. After a year working, and a year saving too, I am into my very first concert. Yes, my very first concert guys and its Kpop concert.

There are three concert that I attend, when is  previous year. Spotify (this is a free event fyi and there is NCT 127!!), Music Bank, and Seventeen concert. Well, the other two are really emptying my saving fyi ;) And I do enjoy all of them!! Every concert boosting my mood like for a week. So yeah, I do really in a good mood after every concert.

Speaking about Seventeen, well I stan them too. But I do not have any bias there. I enjoy their songs and their dance and I do really curious how their live performances. And yeah, their live performance are not disappointing. They are very great!!

Because of Kpop, well I take Korean course. It's on level 3 btw but I am not yet continue the course again. Since the class isnt match with my office hour. I hope I can continue my Korean course again next year because I want to take TOPIK test for my graduate degree. Oh yes, I have plan to take graduate degree from Yonsei University. I am still focusing on my Korean first and collecting 15000$ bank statement. Wish me luck guys!!

Currently, I am aiming to work on a Korean company on my country. Simply because I want to develop my Korean skill. And my work experience too.

Now, there three groups that I stan. SNSD, EXO and NCT. Yes, NCT guys because Jaehyun is that handsome ;)

Sorry for making you guys read this because I just want to write :(

Oh yes, I have a plan to watch EXO on Singapore if they start their tour. I need a companion btw. Is there anyone of you had a plan like me? Or any Singaporeans here? Please let me know!!!

Thank you!!!

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