HELP! Unknown yunjae fanfic!

Hey guys! 

So a while back I read a yunjae fanfic and I seem to have forgotten the name if anyone knows can you help me out please! 


So it starts of with Yunho and Jaejoong getting forced to marry eachother to help their companies out. Obviously both are CEOs at their companies, and they have a challenge where whoever wins the best company/ceo of the year(I’m not sure about this) gets to be the “Top” which Yunho ends up winning so Jaejoong is left to being the “Bottom”. Obviously slowly they fall for eachother and I think there is mpreg in it I’m not so sure


thanks for your time! Hopefully someone can help me out 


p.s I’m not sure if it was as a story from the website Asian fanfiction or a live journal fanfic  

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