-URGENT- looking for a rp partner!!



the thing is i am tired of being ignored and lonely, mainly thats just how it is. i am no good at writing down a like this but basically i am looking for a blrp friend, maybe something more than a friend when we get to know each other and stuff. 

i am usually on twitterrp's and thats how i wanna stay, no facebook or kkt. sorry.

i have usually rp-ed as seventeen's jeonghan, but i am willing to go anyone else too, as long as its suitable for a soft sub like me, so i am definitely looking for a dom! 

feel free to suggest anyone, tell me who you wanna be and also if you are already in a rp, so i'll join with you there, if not already in rp, lets find one together!

PM ME if u wanna know more, ask questions, if u already have suggestions.




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