Please Recommend Stories!

I haven't read stories on this site before, I've only written them. So I was wondering what stories I should read! I'm open to any kind of story with any length! You can even recommend your own story if you'd like me to read it! If I like the story I'll upvote it and subscribe! 

Groups I Stan/Will Read About :









Monsta X

(I am open to reading about other groups but I won't know the members all that well)


Ships I Will Read Before Others :

BTS : Taegi (YoongixTaehyung), Yoonmin (YoongixJimin), Namjin (NamjoonxJin), VHope (TaehyungxHoseok)

Astro : Binwoo (MoonbinxEunwoo)

B.A.P : Banghim (YonggukxHimchan)

Seventeen : Verkwan (VernonxSeungkwan)

A.C.E : No Preference

BigBang : No Preference

Day6 : No Preference

Monsta X : Hyungwonho (HyungwonxWonho), Joohyuk (JooheonxMinhyuk)

(I am open to xReader stories aswell)


Genres I Love :

Soft Angst, Mild Angst, Heavy Angst 

Angst with happy ending

Angst with sad ending

Fluff with angst

Fluff with happy ending

Fluff with Sad Ending

Slow Love

Texting AUs/Online Friend AU

Highschool AU

Historical AU

Supernatural/Vampire AU


Please recommend however many stories you like! I'd love to read stories on this site, I just don't know where to begin!!

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