Rest In Peace Kim Jonghyun

I just reached home when Nana informed me about SHINee Jonghyun already passed away today. 

It was a long and tiring day and this news broke my heart into pieces. 

Tabloid reported he committed suicide. Trapping himself with poisonous gas inside his apartment in Gangnam. And his older sister confirmed this tragic death. 


How I wish this just a dream. Where no such a thing will happen to a good and bright person like Jonghyun. 

I wonder how Amber and Krystal reacted to this. They both are close with him right? 😢


I pray his soul rest in peace. Deep condolences towards his family and close relatives. 

All fandom around the world, let's send our wishes along with this beautiful person, who made K-pop to the other level and to Shawol especially, stay together no matter what happen okay? 

Here we all united as one. 


Be well there, Kim Jonghyun. 

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