My New Story

My dear friends, 

I know many expecting me to write about KryBer again. 

I don't want to disappoint anyone here, in fact, I hope this doesn't make any of you feel offended. Thing is, I'm not going to write literally about KryBer anymore. Not because I have quit being their fan (I'm always and forever MeU huhu) but probably since through a couple of years, I've been writing about this ship- now I think it is time for me to explore more about other characters. 

Definitely, when we see Krystal and Amber together, we can directly imagine about their characters, I am right? So, in my fics, I hoped to introduce them differently and when some of you commented, how nice it is to read (mostly about KryBer's matured characters, storyline, motivational content & etc), I feel totally honoured. Really, I'm touched. Hence, it is time for me to move on a bit from KryBer ( I think this will be slightly difficult since I am their shipper since 2011) and that doesn't mean I'm gonna forget them, entirely, right? 

In my future plan, perhaps I'll bring back Amber, Krystal & all the members of Life Literature Club (including the newest recruit which is to be revealed later) from my last piece "My Past, Present & Future" and make them as special cameos in the next story. 

Everyone, I'm 26 years-old already. Imagine, I was 19 when I first read KryBer fanfic (don't really remember from which author, but I'm pretty sure it is from HalfBoy-nim entitled "Hard but Easy" and also from Keimagod (gender-bender fanfics of KryBer) and now I have finished 3 fanfics, which all of them I wrote on my own. I grew a lot- mentally, physically (of course) and also the way I expressed my ideas through writing. Such an amazing experience, to be able to be a reader and a writer, at once. 


Then, I'm confident to write again after I met so many people in my life.


p/s: Do you remember Nana? She's a transwoman who came from Malaysia and next year she's moving to Ontario, Canada with her boyfriend. Sadly, her family refused to accept her after she came out to them as a gay man. She was only 20 years old boy when she escaped that life and became independent. The story of her transition and her real identity, I prefer not to say here because Nana is still struggling with her emotions. Nana said, she'd never blame her family for kicking her out because their acknowledge and awareness towards LGBT is very low. Now, she's almost 38 years old and I got to say I admire her courage to live and love, regards of so many terrible things happened to her. Nana, if you read this, I want to let you know that you're a very good friend, a sassy and wonderful woman I'd ever met and of course, I want to say that I really love you! ^^

Nana was here when my uncle passed away. She stayed up all night, making sure I'm eating and resting well and made me felt that I'm not alone. She encouraged me to write everything and promised to always read what I write no matter how busy she is. She disguised herself as 'someone' here haha but I know her! I met her last week, after several months of being apart with each other and God, she's getting prettier and I kinda envy her glowing skin! She said she loves my last fanfic of KryBer (she's MeU and Shawol ok hehe) and when I told her I'm gonna stop writing about them, Nana cursed at me. She got mad because she said I'm gonna ruin and break my readers' hearts. 

So, I've been thinking, to write again, and perhaps as I said, the characters from my fanfics will appear too in it. 


My next story is going to be dedicated to these people:

Her, named Foon. (1990' or 1989 (?) I'm not sure) 


My family (RIP ma (mother 1969- 2010), po (father 1960- 2001),  and po Wher (stepfather 1972-2006) and my favourite person in Earth, my uncle, lung Tham 1969-2018) 

And of course, my half-brother, Hen (born 2004). 




I have created an account in Wattpad. 

So, see you there...? 


I will provide the link soon ^^




And btw, it is the sequel of My Past, Present & Future (the title is still in working mode). Not about KryBer, but the life of the new protagonist in my head named Imme (Her Korean name is Cho Shin Mi). 


She has the features, wealth and visual of my dream huhu. (I will never be like her haha because she's just a fictional character!)



Okay then, 

Thanks again, everyone! 





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