g u i l t y

I feel extremely guilty to the boy I didn't help.

I was waiting in the line to buy my train ticket when there's that boy i  the other line, he was already in front of the machine but the screen didn't look like it's processing. 

I thought he was asking for help to buy the ticket, thinking there were many people around him that could help him, I just glanced and I go my way on the platform. Just when I was three feet away from the entrance I the boy was asking to people to lend him some money for card deposit because he has no more money. 

My heart clenched in pain, suddenly i feel like crying. I knew I should've turn back and help him but no, instead of turning back I ask the security to help the boy. After thet I half ran and got onto my train. But then my train didn't leave immediately. So I kept looking outside, searching for the boy. Few moments later, I saw him coming out from the backdoor of staffs' room, he ran and he hopped onto the train, the exact train I was on.

I feel extremely guilty. I cried in the train.

I'm so sorry.


[a few people refused to help him, and I choose to ignore him and relay on those people and that hit me hard... The social condition and environment where I living in is fcked up.]

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I feel sad too for that boy... You are a good person buddy atleast you thought about him and tried to help him in some way...but these days people are so selfish and stone hearted... They don't care for others... We should be kind and compassionate towards other...
:'( I feel sad for him too. It's not really that expensive. Why wouldn't they help him out . It's okay at least now you learn from your lesson. At least you did ask the security to help him right. The world needs more love and kindness. Thankfully , he's safely boarding on the train