Hello, Chingu!

Hello hello hello again!

Just wanna share my favorite stories of the week! 

The first one is not your average Arranged Marriage story. They have more drama and rollercoaster ride to offer. Make sure to visit You Want Me and let's drown in the feelings together!

And the second one is about when you find your other half. A long lost twin that finally meet after years. This story also has a different vibe. Find out how the girl and her brother trying to rebond in Unknown Loss.


Feel free to recommend me your favorite fictions!



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My favorites on Aff:
The classified accounts of Amy Hwang
The Blood Brother Code
Armed and Dangerous
The Only One
DJ Got Us Falling In love
Knot this guy
Mobster for rent
My Celebrity Roommate (pretty much all of Huntress)
There is probably more that I can't tell on top of my head
taoftsehun #2
I. Love. You want me