3 New Stories (Loco, Junoflo, DPR Live etc.)

Dear readers,

Tik Tok was supposed to finish back in 2010-2011 with 25 chapters.

I have moved on from K-Pop for a while and my interest to write this story has disappeared. 

I'd be happy to pass on the rest of Tik Tok and the future chapter plan I had written to anyone who sends me a message.


In replacement on this site, I am writing:

- That Girl (Could be another title): Loco x OC (slight Dok2 or Jay Park involved)

- 현상수배 (Most Wanted): DPR Live x OC x Cjamm

- Eyes on Me: Junoflo x OC x Changmo 


All 9 chapters. All almost done. After that, I won't be writing any more fan fiction stories. I'm currently writing two novels after this. 

Please continue to support me.

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- nyaikou 



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