Help me finda story i cant find!!

So theres a story i was reading about Snsd taeny vampire post apocalyptic story. Of Taeyeon as survivors try to survive as the vampires rule. Taeyeon is attacked by vampire and Yoona saves her life. N run into TIffany who is with a group who are vampire hunters. Later it turns out Jessica is Taeyeon sister not biological but by Yoona who is both their vampire mother.


Idk if this is helpful but i cannot remember the name all i remember is what happened in the story.


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I think it was called "The Immortal" or just "Immortal" I'm not 100% sure. I remember this fic, the author said once that it's based on a novel "The Blood of Eden" but I don't remember who was the author. I couldn't find the fic under my subscriptions, maybe the author either deleted the fic or he/she deactivated their profile.