my first BTS tattoo

knj = kim namjoon

because i’ve already spilled out my heart over the last post about why namjoon is so special to me, i don’t feel like repeating myself again. because i’m sure you guys are already tired of me talking about namjoon so much HAHA.

so yep! i only wanted to put the initials because i didn’t want my tattoo to be too large, as it was my first time getting a tattoo and i wasn’t sure if i could handle the pain. especially since i was doing it on the back of my neck, which they’re tracing ink right over my bone. and wow, um. maybe it’s because i have a high pain tolerance, who knows LOL, but it didn’t hurt at all? just felt like small knives cutting through skin for 20 mins but it was so relaxing(?). anyway, it wasn’t bad at all. so this won’t be my last tattoo, for sure. (: get ready, yoongi.

and for those who see this and are gonna be judgmental/hateful about it, you do you LOL.

it’s my life, my body. i don’t have the intention of losing interest in namjoon/bts anytime soon and if in the very rare chance i do, i know for a fact i won’t ever regret it. i won’t ever be ashamed for stanning them because of all the happy memories and unknowing support they gave me. that reason alone is enough for me not to regret it.

it’ll be a good memory later on. (: i may regret a lot of things in my life, but i know for a fact that this isn’t one of them.

and whether or not i’ll stan namjoon in the future, here at this moment and the past 2 years i’ve been listening to him, he’s changed me for the better and i’ll always be grateful for that.

(also! my best friend designed this artwork for me at the very last min, so it's even more special ♡ lmao )


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That looks really pretty! I really want to get a line from their song tattooed but it's still on the contemplation stage xD
I got my first tattoo on my ribs so i understand the 'omg it's going to be super painful... wait it's not that bad at all' moment lolol
My strong girl~ don't worry about what others think of you, just do you. Love is a special thing and if you want to show it off with your body, go ahead <3 I think it's really cool of you so!! Yay Judy!
I have an EXO tattoo as well, about two years ago. At that time I was at the peak of my EXO stanning life. My siblings thought it was stupid I know for sure that I won't regret it even when i'm older. Even now, when my hype/obsession for them isn't as great anymore, I'm still quite proud of it, that I have an identity in them. Don't worry what other people think, as long as you like it and you know you won't regret it, then go for it. It will mark the best time of your life too, when you're young and in love.
Aesthetic af.
It looks so cool.
That looks so stunning and beautiful and aesthetic omg