I'm Back in a New Form!

Hello everyone it is your very inactive authornim here! I know that I have not been very active lately but I promise I will try to make it up to you<3

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First things first (I'm the realest jk I wanna kms for saying that) I updated my profile so please go and read that if you'd like!


Second, I have opened up officially (sort of) to edit/proofread stories. I have always liked reviewing people's writings no matter if it was for a friend or for an assignment so if you'd like me to go in and check your story for grammatical errors I can! Just send me a message and let me know! (I can either read it, edit, then send it back, or you can put me as a co-author and let me go in and edit it after you have posted it. I promise I will not change the story or its contents at all, I will simply check for grammar errors unless you request otherwise(: )


Third, I really do want to be more active on here so if I could ask for your help that would be amazing! If you feel like you want to request any story from me, feel free! I do have my limitations but if you'd like me to write a oneshot for you I can! 

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I've found out that if someone gives me a prompt or storyline, I can write it faster and I happen to be more motivated if people request it personally (:

Fourth and final, I regret to inform you that I will be attempting not to write anymore on-going/chaptered stories.

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I know that I do have two on-going fics right now and both of them have come to a halt. Something About You is discontinued. I'm sorry if you wanted more out of that story but honestly the story is not very well-written in my opinion and it needs a serious make-over that I really don't have time for (sorry TOP) ;-;

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and I Love Your Mama is a hope that I have, I really want to finish it because I do have a clear ending for the story and a oneshot I wrote for a festival thing based off of it that I reallyyyyy want to post but what goes in between is what reallyyyyyy has me stumped  (again, if you guys have ANY suggestions on what you think would be good for the next chapter or a scene you'd like to see, I'd gladly take your opinions into consideration bc its not that I don't want to write it, it's that I have no clue what to write)


Okay im really sorry this is getting longggggg

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but since you're down here <3 AS ALWAYS i love you guys sooooo much thank you for reading this and everything else

please continue to stick with me I promise I'm trying to improve rn ;-;

Alright thanks so much again, you all mean the world to me

I love you all :*

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