A perpetual ❤️ for Sehun....?

Sehun, or basically and literally to the future me who might still love Sehun crazily like I did four years ago or maybe my love faded but my support hasn't,


Where do I even begin? From the beginning would most definitely be best. I remember loving Sehun so deep I think I went crazy? But I think it was just infatuation now the 19 year old me would say. Or it could be real love and Sehun is probably my first idol love or whatever 첫 사랑 you would call it.

Sehun's name was all over my notes back then but lately, I found my self not doing so anymore. I think although it seems like I'm falling and spending most of my time watching Mark Tuan, and although my feelings aren't clear as the blue sky for Sehun anymore, honestly I think and know I will always pathetically love Oh Sehun.

Well, To Sehun: 

Today is your birthday, the fact that I can't say it to you by self kind of hurts and the fact that I can't even get you to hear me in anyway. You're turning 23 in general, and 24 in korean age. As a bystander and a fan, I am proud of what you've become, I hope to see you sing or rap more than 5 seconds one day. I'm happy as long as you are and I think you are a part of me that I will always love even if even. I loved and love you, Oh Sehun. 

Happy Birthday xx ❤

Yours truly, x





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BangtanCheesecake #1
i find the same thing is happening with me and my love for bigbang's choi seunghyun! i start liking him around 2011 and i was a preteen at that time, i literally liked him so much it was crazy lol. literally daydream of meeting and dating him LOL wrote crappy fics of him when i discovered aff in 2012 (ive deleted many of them) basically i was inlove and thought he was the handsomest guy on eart and i would talk about him to my family and make them watch comeback videos of bigbang and seunghyun etc but now that i'm growing older i dont find myself showing them videos of seunghyun or bigbang anymore haha. i mean i still keep up with news of seunghyun but idk.. i met real guys now and have dated guys so i guess that changes things? hahah! my puppy love is definitely gone and what i have for seunghyun is pure admiration!:) but i think it's okay to feel that way about your bias! it shows that we've matured in some way haha