Happy Birthday, Sehun-ah

Sehun... you've turned 21, you're a man.. My man (mentally and so totally in my dream.) 


Happy Birthday, today was the day you were born, hahaha even if I write this, you wouldn't know. 

It's hard being an international fan, you won't ever notice me, I can't do anything to make you. 

It's pathetic you know to fall in love like this, but I guess this is falling in love in a cool painful way, I don't, I really really don't want to need you this way. 



If I could just run around just to catch a glimpse of you, I'm okay with that. 

If I could only love you from a distance, I'll be okay with that.


Sehun, I love you (if love means that you'd sacrifice yourself, then that means I love you, because I had thought it over and over that if a bullet were going straight at you..I would stand infront of you, so it'd go to me instead.)



Happy Birthday! 




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