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  gong juyeon  

birthname. gong, juyeon

– gongju :: a word play from her actual name, meaning princess. used by her fans, also used when she's being narcissistic ("i'm yeon gongju indeed")

date of birth. december 4, 1997
birthplace. anyang, south korea.
ethnicity. korean
language spoken. 

– korean :: mother language
– english :: advanced / great at writing and reading but a bit struggling in speaking and listening. learns from her mom, as a mandatory subject at school, and also from company lessons.



personality traits.  

(+) hardworking, optimistic, attentive, cheerful

(o) clever, sarcastic, rationale, self-conscious

(-) hot headed, skeptical, indecisive, argumentative


juyeon is a smart girl who knows how to stand for herself. she's intelligent and she doesn't like people who pretends to be one. she's good at choosing words, but she speaks bluntly and sarcastically sometimes, making others feels intimidated. she also likes to have arguments with anyone, even strangers or older people, often making her looks impolite and disrespectful but she actually is just maintaining her opinion. but she will admit it and says sorry if the other person's opinion is true or when she realized she's the one at fault. 

she's the type to act logically than emotionally, sometimes making her seems insensitive. thus, she has a tendency to not trust someone until she finds a solid reason to. she's also hesitates a lot in doing things, and she sometimes was stuck in a hard situation because of that.

however, she's a very cheerful girl. she's hot headed and does got angry easily, but she also cool down fast and she got back to her cheerful side after. sometimes it's scary how she changed so fast as in neutral → flared up → her usual happy self, but after knowing her for awhile, you will understand her.

she's also optimistic and she believes that she can achieve everything if she worked hard. she's hardworking and will do anything to reach her dreams, one of it was being a singer. in addition, she also pays attention to everyone close to her and she cares for them. 


juyeon was born in anyang in a small family of three, making it four. her dad, mom, older sister and her were well-off, not exactly rich but not poor either. they have the usual family relationship, probably closer than others though. her parents were still young and she has a rather close age gap to her older sibling. she grew up on a home full of love and warmness.

she always likes to sing since she was a kid, and when she was an infant she would stop crying everytime mom or dad plays a song. thus, she develops interest to music industry, and when her elementary school friends told her about tvxq (they were the king of kpop that time --theystillarecoughs---), she set up her mind to become a singer, a hallyu singer to be exact.

when she told her parents about it, they accepted it gladly since they know juyeon has the determination to achieve her dreams. they even bought her a piano in which juyeon happily cherished, having her playing it almost everytime. but they give juyeon a task to keep her academic grades good while focusing on music, which was hard, but she eventually did so. as a present, mom and dad pomised to take her to auditions. she went on her first audition when she was 10. ((the rest of it will be explained on the trainee life section)).

being a trainee was hard, the main reason probably was that she should live away from her family. she was the youngest back home and she was showered with love. living alone in seoul since she was a kid was only made her stronger and fiercer, at first it was a defense mechanism but it became her personallity. she's still the cheerful and bubbly juyeon as she was before, only with a tougher case. and she continued to be until now.



– fruits ::  she eats two apples or bananas for breakfast everyday and she hasn't found any fruit she doesn't like or she can't eat.

– archery :: she tried it for the first time a few years back with 'i-should-have-some-skill-to-bluff-on-isac-if-i-got-to-debut' mindset, but it turned out kinda fun so she gets some practice every once in a while.

– books :: she likes to read, and she reads everything from mangas to physics textbooks to home decor magazines. she keeps at least one book in her bag all the time, mostly philosophical novels or poetry books.

– cooking :: she's a picky eater at times, so she likes to try cooking foods she can eat, such as un-spicy tteokboki or gochujang-less bibimbap. she experiments with the kitchen so much everytime the kitchen is dirty the members thinks it's her fault (which 87% time is right).

– lazying around :: most of her free times is spent taking naps or watching television and basically staying on the couch, so the leader usually nags her to help clean the dorm.

– frogs :: no, actual frogs are yucky and disgusting and juyeon might just scream if she meets one. but she likes the cartoonized frogs (?) and things like frog plushies or dolls or you know, frogs that aren't usual frogs? fans are aware of it and 75% of her gifts are frog-related. 


– chocolates ::  not exactly disliking but she's allergic to them (in which she reveals it to public later after debut with a dramatical "i.. i have an incurable illness which prohibits me to experience the so-called most magical taste in the world...").

– clowns and amusement parks :: when she was a child she went to an amusement park and she got trapped alone inside a haunted house with creepy clowns inside. she dislikes amusement park since then (she dislikes it but she could still tolerate it) but she developed caulrophobia (phobia of clowns).

– cleaning :: she does clean, she cleans her bedroom and the kitchen after she made a mess, but she doesn't get how she should clean other's mess (for example, if a member spilled a drink, she won't clean it even the leader tells her to, because she believes it's not her fault). she goes grumpy on the dorm-cleaning day.

– swimming :: she can't swim no matter how hard she tries and practices so she gives up on it instead. when the members go swimming to the pool or beach (both for shows or just the group's trip), she volunteers to take care of their belongings so she could stay dry.

– coffee :: when she was a kid she wondered why adults like coffee very much so she tried to make one. she drank it and was shocked with the very bitter taste. so she added many many sugars to it and she drank it again without realizing that she added salt instead..... no more coffee since that day. she's more of a tea person.


– picking her lips :: she has chapped lips and she brings lip balm with her all the time but she still does it unintentionally.

– crossing her fingers when she's nervous :: she's not that religious to begin with, but she does it all the time when she's nervous.


– sorting fan letters per members :: it's fun to do so (she also wants to see how many letters she gets compared to the others).

– enjoying night view :: she sleeps alot on the car between schedules, but at night, she can't sleep because she enjoys the night scenery. sometimes it's the starry sky, sometimes it's the night cityscape. she loves it. she also gets up in the middle of the night without any reason, and then she decides to just enjoy the night view from the dorm balcony/window.


– she's a fan of tvxq and she cried when yunho and changmin got enlisted to the army. she brings their album everywhere just in case she meets them.

– she applied to sm before trained in jyp and pledis merely because she wanted to meet tvxq personally ;-;

– her close idol friends includes pristin and seventeen since she used to be a pledis trainee. she's noticeably close with jieqiong. she was also famous as the trainee friend of jaebum and dahyun.

– she speaks sarcasm fluently and she snaps perfect counterback (privilege of a fast brain process idk). actually she's just being straightforward, and if she thinks she's right, then be it, even to unnies or older people. but majority of korean may think she's too blunt or harsh or disrespectful at times, so she got criticized for it sometimes.

– she was at the top 5% on high school, she got a high iq of 142, and she made it to the list of 'top 10 genius idols' courtesy of k-netizens.

– she's ambidextrous (can use both hands).

– she can play the piano very well. she can also play the guitar and violin but only the basic. she learned to play pipa from jieqiong as well but she already forgets how to. 

– she studied at hanlim multi arts school.

– she acts like an unnie most of the time with the nags and whatsoever so the actual unnies of the group bullied her a lot(?) ((ignore this please if she made it and actually a part of the unnie-line 'w')

– she doesn't cry a lot since she likes to show her strong and charismatic charms. the only people who had seen her cry were her family members, dahyun and jieqiong, the olympia leader unnie, and jaebum. she holds her tears most of the time because she thinks everyone had it harder than she is and she would like to comfort them rather than being a bother to them.


– father :: gong minseok (47) / attorney / caring, brillant, argumentative, clear-headed / 9 out 10 / if juyeon was known as sarcastic and argumentative, probably her dad was the one responsible for it. as an attorney, he's good at talking, and juyeon probably takes after him. he's a cool dad (as cool as papa tuan!) and he even has a sense nearly equals variety stars. he visits juyeon occasionally and is rather close to olympia. (he said that his favorite member is rana and juyeon would have been last if she wasn't his daughter.)

– mother :: seo hyesook (48) / english book translator, part time english teacher / quiet, charismatic, neat, dependable / 8 out of 10 / juyeon is closer to her dad than mom, but mom surely did a fantastic job raising her. they had the usual mom-daughter closeness though. and she's fluent in english, so olympia's foreign members more likely depends on her figure as a mom in korea. mom also visits her occasionally along with dad and she never forgets to call juyeon every weekend.

– older sister :: gong juhyun (24) / medical student at seoul univ. / warm, enthusiastic, genuine, modest / 8  out of 10 / since dad and mom lives in anyang, ever since sis moved to seoul she became juyeon's number 1 source of family comfort. she visited juyeon regularly, and eventhough juyeon is known as a fierce and strong woman who rarely cries, she'll cry only to juhyun. juhyun is a sister who comforts juyeon and juyeon goes to her everytime she has a problem.

– friend :: kim dahyun (19) / idol (twice) / dorky, hyper, kinda serious at times / 7.5 out of 10 / they knew each other since they joined jyp, and they trained together for several years before getting the group assigned. they did a lot of dumb things together but they were also the seriousest while they train. even after dahyun debuted with twice they still keep in touch and dahyun is probably juyeon's closest friend along with olympia, jieqiong, and jaebum. dahyun, jaebum, and juyeon are also known to be friends to the fans.

– friend :: zhou jieqiong (19) / idol (ioi/pristin) / beagle,  honest, hardworking, sweet / 7 out of 10 / they trained together before in pledis, and they stayed in contact even after juyeon quits. jieqiong is from china so her korean wasn't that good that time, and juyeon mostly helped her since she understood english well. since then they became friends and they still are now. juyeon votes for jieqiong on pd 101 and she was so proud to see her success.

   my blood, sweat and tears

stage name. juyeon 

trainee life.  

juyeon started off failing auditions on jyp and sm when she was 10, and the reviews were mostly about 'your voice is good but we don't see sincerity when you're dancing'. she polished her skills and took some courses of dancing and singing, and she tried off auditioning for jyp and sm again 2 years after. she still failed, but on her way back home she was offered to audition for pledis. and so, she joined pledis when she was 12.

she trained there for 2 and a half year, and by the time, pledis already assembled the group she was going to debut with. she was appointed as the main vocalist, but the group was more of dance-oriented and had lots of difficult dance moves that she couldn't keep up eventhough she practiced hard. then, she decided to terminate her contract and quit pledis.

the next year she tried her luck with jyp, and the audition judges recalled her as 'the girl with great singing but sloppy dancing'. they remembered her and was surprised by her development, not exactly the best but not bad either. so she got accepted to jyp when she was 15. 

she made friends with another female trainee and she was especially close to dahyun (now a twice member) since they got accepted in the same year. but dahyun did better and was appointed with twice. dahyun's debut made her realize that hardwork do pay off and she worked even harder since then, making her trainers impressed. when she was in pledis, she focused more on her dance training, and eventhough her vocals was good she didn't pay very much attention to it. now she worked hard to achieve both and the result was good, noticeably on the vocal field. she was then got grouped with olympia, and got the position of the lead vocalist.

total trainee years : 2 and a half years in pledis, 4 and a half years in jyp.

vocal claim.  sinb of gfriend

rap claim.  – 

dance claim.  xuanyi of wjsn

plotline.  athena 



face claim. bona of wjsn
back up. minkyung of pristin

height in cm. 169
weight in kg. 51

extra appearance. 

juyeon stands at 169cm and weighs 51kg, making her one of the taller member of the group. she has nice skin and she's not ashamed to go barefaced on camera (she earns the title of one or most goodlooking members barefaced).  she has a slight astigmatism but she doesn't like her face with glasses so she didn't use it and prefers contact lenses. she uses clear ones daily and colored ones for performances, usually light brown or grey ones. the only thing she doesn't like about her face is her lips since it's chapped, so she always uses lip products to cover it.

she currently has long ash brown hair and she's having that hair for debut. she has one piercing on her right ear lobe and three on her left ear, one on the cartilage and two on her lobe.

another noticeable appearance is a straight horizontal scar on her left wrist that looks like she tried to commit suicide, but she swears it was just an accidental cut she got when she was cooking. due to company request, she covers it most of the time, sometimes with bracelets, wristband, or watch, and some other times just with concealer and makeup.

also, juyeon sprained her right ankle due to some hard dance movement she learned a few years ago. it doesn't really hurt nowadays but she likes to use elastic bandage just in case. she will use it on dance practices, not all the times though. 

replace with fc 95*95
replace with love int 120*172

  im jaebum  

back up. yoon dowoon of day6

jaebum is a hot headed and passionate boy and also a reliable, self-less leader of got7. he's as argumentative as juyeon and they argue a lot, ending with juyeon's victory (little did she know, he let her win the argument mostly). he may seem quiet, but he's actually just tired from managing the 7 dorks he's responsible for. 

love story. 

jaebum and juyeon are both in jyp. their first meeting was in 2012, juyeon and dahyun were talking on the corridor when jaebum bumped at her, making juyeon fell down and he didn't say sorry. she was annoyed and said, 'just because you're a senior doesn't mean you can just bump into someone and expect her to say sorry when you're the one who's wrong.' they got into an argument soon and it ended nicely with an apology from him because he thought that it was rare for trainees to confront a senior eventhough the senior was at fault. juyeon was different, she wasn't afraid to defend herself when she wasn't wrong, and jaebum was impressed of it. 

they met frequently at jyp building, sometimes with dahyun but mostly just the two of them, and the chit chats eventually leads to something more. they became friends soon, jaebum offered to teach her dances and vocals sometimes, also he lectured her about manners (as in their first meeting, he said she was lucky it was him. if it was another senior trainee he wouldn't know what would happen to her. he told her it wasn't wrong to do that but she needs to be careful so she don't look disrespectful. juyeon cherished this advice till now since it was her most problematic trait and she was thankful for it.)

she was his closest friend in the company along wih dahyun and his group and he was hers. she was there when he needs her and so was he. jaebum even put his name on his thanks to on got7 albums and juyeon even visits jaebum's parents on chuseok.

but as everyone said, a boy and a girl could never be just friends. she began to develop feelings for him just before his debut, and he also did. but both were afraid of confessing and both thinks it will be better for them to stay like this.

status. friends, with mutual unconfessed feelings.
ending. they confess to each other about their feelings but agrees to stay just like how they were before. probably being awkward or such? not exactly a happy ending but preferably not a bitter one either.

   bubblegeom : coco

last words.  hello! i'm really in love with your plots. goddesses are my weak points lol. this is my first attempt on applyfics and english isn't my first language so i hope i don't mess it up. good luck on choosing the characters and i think i will still read it even if juyeon don't make it ahaha. fighting!

p.s. i use the term 'argumentative' a lot, and by that i mean juyeon argues a lot as in debate(?). i looked up on the meaning and i think it was more in negative side so i'm not sure if i used the term well.  and i think i didn't explain her personality well duh but i hope you get it and i hope you like her!

p.p.s i really really can't decide to choose minkyung or bona as faceclaim and i finally settled on bona. feel free to use minkyung though if you think there's already too many wjsn faceclaimed applicants.

scenes requests.

– juyeon and jaebum interactions caught on camera. it was rather normal because the fans are aware of their friendship but of course it was followed by nagging by leader unnie and managers of olympia and got7.

– flashback to got7's stop stop it comeback when they were filming for the mv and juyeon was a cameo and dahyun was the lead actress and jaebum was the lead actor and dahyun and jaebum were required to do cheesy scenes together and juyeon laughed her off and distracts jaebum and dahyun and she got kicked out from the studio.

– juyeon meets tvxq. nearly faints maybe? she feels so overwhelmed with them she acts like a drunk person lol.

– she finally cries in front of olympia. most likely because of her 'disrespectful' side got bashed by netizens?

– olympia goes to amusement park and juyeon gets grumpy to hide her phobia. (in which the members eventually finds out about).

– more olympia moments as a group please ^^ 

password.  ioi's very very very or omg's closer or wjsn's secret or pristin's cover of f(x)'s rum pum pum (((can't choose one because i'm practically a trash for them lol)))

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