Utter Consternation

At this point in my years long journey as a Big Bang fan, I have come to realize that:

1 - We are never getting a Korean album out of Daesung.

2 - We are never getting a TOP solo album because his lyrics are too deep for dance tracks and that's all YG does well.

3 - There will likely not be another Taeyang album UNDER YG. I have a feeling he won't renew his contract. His frustraton with the RISE album was obvious. IJS.

4 - Before enlisting there will be another GD album because it will sell.#EverybodyKnows

5 - Seungri, my little love, will probably get an album after GDYB enlist because a) he's the last one going in, b) someone has to keep the Big Bang torch burning and c) ...refer to #1.



I need YG to get his life together and stop collecting talent then wasting it. He's the musical equivalent to a private art collector. I was talking with a friend today and got like, for real mad just thinking about some of the artists signed to that label and how underutilized they are. I mean, I don't need 'comebacks' every month, every six months, or even every year. Quality takes time. But to just disappear for terms long enough to birth a child, or graduate college, or paint a house with a toothbrush, or sail around the world, or watch every episode of Lost one day at a time--is just ridiculous and a sign of bad management. 

And the fan manipulation, the blatant 'for profit' moves, and those ing stupid 'Who's Next?' promos that lead to delays and excuses. And the waiting, the waiting, the god awful waiting. 

It's so sad. 

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