A Love Letter...

Hey, you...

Let's have some real talk. You are so harsh on yourself and don't give yourself another chance, but you do the same for others? Isn't that discrimination? Well, then.. I'm about to tell you some things about yourself that you probably don't look into every day.

First off, you are the most hard working person I've ever seen. Not only do you manage your work, studies, music and heavy chores at home, but you also ace at all of them. Heck, you even have a Youtube channel! Now if that's not something to like, I really don't know what is. So, yeah.. You've failed in your attempts a couple of times, been rejected job posts, but let's be real, who cares? Who's going to look at your failures and point them to you. Yes, I know, your parents are quite the strict type, to which I will get to, later... But other than that, who cares? Your friends? your distant relatives who pretend to care just so they can get gossip? Your teachers? No.. None of them care two pence about what you do with your life. It's the hard truth, but it's something you need to accept. Failure is an event. It doesn't define you. So, you are NOT a failure. Like all failures, you can mould them into successes. Just don't give up.

Secondly, you feel lonely don't you? Like you don't fit in anywhere? I see you everyday. In the front row, solemnly drawing something at the back of your notebook or writing some random Korean words. I see your partner trying to convince you to talk to her, but you always refuse. And I also know.. You're doing it so that you don't hurt anyone or rather your own self. I know you get enough things said to you by your parents and certain freinds alike. I've seen you write, in text, how you feel about everything, hat people called you, how much you're affected by it. You know what? You need to get back up. Show them who's boss. Not in a violent way or verbally abusive way, no. But don't just curl into yourself. Learn to "Never Mind" as Suga's taught you to. It's too early in your life to give up. What if you met your granfather who passed away just a week ago? Would he be happy to see his grandchild giving up after he had died a heroic death after fighting off two and not one cancer attack? Get back up. Show them you can. Not that you have to what they want you to do, but that you can be successful in your own way. In your pace and in your style. As for your friends? They're your friends for only a few years after which they disappear. They aren't gonna be there for you your entire life, unless they're the best kind of friends. They'd just treat you like a mere addition to their life and that because I know how much attention and help they you give them. But you know what makes you a more beautiful person? It's you continuing to be nice and helpful despite the things they say behind your back, thinking you can't hear them. And that, my friend, takes true courage - to look them in the face and say, "Hey, I don't give a " indirectly to them. 

Thirdly, I know how long you spend in front of them mirror, but your smile is upside down. Your eyes fill up sometimes when I see them skim across your body. I know you don't wear shorts at all because you hurt your legs. Badly. And you know you'd have a hard time thinking over an excuse for why your legs were damaged. I know because I saw them, unfortunately, but I didn't say a word about it to anyone out loud, including you. I see how you hesitate to smile, but I rather miss those upper teeth popping out when you do, or when the corner of your eyes crease when you do so. Your nose is absolutely fine. So is your acne. It's natural, so don't try and make it dissappear. Unknown to you, I've seen you pop ridiculousky big ones and gasp when they hurt from the impact. You are beautiful, just the way you are.

You are NOT ugly. You are NOT pathetic and most of all you are not stupid. 

I'm sorry, but I take offense if you tell yourself that you are bad at some things. Let me enlighten you. You have great vocals and a voice anyone would die for. A voice that is so flexible that it can change from Seventeen's melody to BTS' rap. You can draw so well too. Maybe not as good as others, but definitely good!  Your writing may not be flawless, but it's wonderful just the way it is, because you heart out. And now, you make me pour my heart out too. So here goes:

I love you. I love you so much. I love your mentally unstable self. I love the fact that you have been brave through all of this and kept everythhing that's been burdening you away from your family. I'm in love with you because of how amazing a person you are, helping others when you yourself are down and finally, I'm in love with you, exo_fx_fan97 for having the courage to write this. I love you to the ends of the Earth.

Yours sincerely,


So yeah, I've been meaning to  write something like this for a while since I'm feeling down for nearly a year, but yeah ^^ There's always a way out to everything. While reading this, I really hope you guys take yourselves into account as well, since self-love is something really important. Don't mistake it for over-confidence though~ :P Anywho, my lovelies~ Like I always say, be happy and take care ^^ I'll see you guys on my story update <3
P.S: This was inspired by my sister's blogspot post, so the idea isn't mine originally :c


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