My Apologize

To All my Reader (Spartace and Soosoo Couple), I want to say my sorry.

I wouldn't be able to continue any of my stories for a while, I think I would be in long hiatus, I've been busy with school and campus lately, I hope you would understand and won't be mad, I'm sorry for everyone who send me messages, I'm not able to reply it one by one.

I hope when I come back with my stories, all of my precious readers would still love and enjoy my stories.


by the way, for everyone who want to contact me personally, you can find me in instagram, this is my ID @Nnayko or nurisnayko, it's kinda hard to always open this blog and reply the messages...

See you in the next future, I would you will still support my stories when I come back, bye bye ^-^

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