How I miss my readers T_T

I Know maybe it is kinda Self centered of me to saing this, But actually I really miss all of my readers, I miss all of your coments about my story. I Know I had been in a very long hiatus and put down the responsibility of my stories, expecially spartace


I Know I actually gain so much support because of this pair, But now.... I actually didn't feel as Enthusiastic as before toward them. I'm married now and I have a son, I Don't have a spare Time to watch RM and I didn't get the same feeling again toward spartace


And when I Come back to write a story and didn't get as much as feedback like before I can't help But feeling dissapointed....



But first I want to apologize to all of you my dear readers for abondoning my stories for years. You Know, I grow UP, life become hectic and etc.... I changed


The only reason why I decide to rewrite the story about spartace is actually because an editor is taking an interest of my New story (Lee SOO hyuk story) and offer me to make a contract with them. So why not?

And once I look back at my very first story of spartace and seeing how this story gain so much attention, I decide to rewrite it to gain a benefit. Would you hate me for that??


I am sorry..... But if you want to read the Rewritten Version of this story please visit my watpadd before I sell the workd to volcano. Because you need to pay at volcanoebook. But if you want to support me financially you can buy my story at volcanoebook too..... 


Thank you and I am sorry,🙏

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