Sungmin Read Hyukmin Fic (Old times)

Oh my God

Shame on me because i've just found this video which Sungmin  and Sooyoung talk about fanfic 

Yes, and Sungmin kept laughing when he talk about HyukMin fic that he read on a certain part.

i bet he've read bout kyumin too kekeke~

p/s : click here to watch 


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smilesofblack #1
Haha, I've never seen that one! Thanks for sharing it.
Gyaaaa #2
Woaaah~ i'm blushing hard when he talks about the scene where Hyukkie grab his hand and drag him. XD
lol I can see what he felt about the asdfghjkl thing yknow what I mean xD
It must be embarrassing really lol xD