Do you miss kyumin?

Im not gonna write long bcs im using my phone to log in hehe.

Finally i've gained some strong to read kyumin ff back and yes i've reread some km ff too. 

Do u still support kyumin and read km ff?

I watched back km videos on Youtube. How much i miss them. I kinda waiting for 2018 isnt it (when SJ is complete) i hope everything goes well back. 

How bout u? 



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ehrytie #1
i miss them alot!! ^-^
eunjoyaa #2
I miss them, but the ship is falling hard base the fact that Sungmin is married now.
Kind a hard to imagine them being a couple when we know the real thing is.

it is too cruel for me to wish for a divorce?
**nb. I don't find the girl is a perfect match for him, it's just she seems to use sungmin/SJ popularity for her own benefit. Judge me if I'm wrong
I miss them so much that I am still writing KM till now...(if u notice it >_<)
Damn I actually miss them in every moment now..
I miss them so muchhhhhhhhh ;________;
nAJOnHyun #5
oh dear im getting emotional again but SOBSS i miss them too TAT ive been rereading km fics and all omg why sungmin :((
We might see them together even sooner, hopefully holding hands on the same stage , bc Kyuhyun said he might enlist only on the early 2017, Sungmin will be back at that time, so they could meet at least one last time on stage before Kyu's enlistment. I want to see their eyes looking at each other, and i will know if it worth still hoping