My 6th Year Anniversary


It's true guys

it's my AFF's 6th Anniversary

I can't believe it's been 6 years already

Many of my friends who where on this site since 2011 are still here

so shoutout to everyone who made it past the 5 yrs curse

I know I took hell of a break to finish my college studies 

but I never meant to leave the site for good guys





Your reaction when you saw me after 2 years on-off break xD


So yeah, I looked at the votes on my recent poll and I think I'll go with the majority of you guys. I will keep the stories and try to fix and mend here and there but I will be writing newer stories.


there were suggestions in the comment section about giving up stories to authors who are interested in continuing them

(well, that is fine by me, so if anyone is interested in the older stories that hasn't been finished, you can talk to me and i will make you a co-author so you can finish it off)


As to what i'll be doing next, i'm working on Mr. Choi's Slave which is one of my good stories that was formerly known as His Mistress.. yesterday I changed its title and took down all chapters because i'm re-writing it 

So that's progress I guess...


yeah,  that's all 


Happy anniversary to me ^^




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