I want to DELETE my stories!



Hello everyone

I'm back

So, first things first


you may now congratulate me on getting my Bachelor degree after spending 2 years in misery and stress..



now that that's out of the way, lets get into the main issue here..


As the title of this blog says, i really want to delete all of my stories from this website..


but i have 4,540 subscribers overall on this website and it does not seem right to do this without consulting you first.


you guys are always there for me, always asking about me even if I'm not updating.


you cheer on me even though i don't deserve it


every time i log in and see my stories 

i just feel ashamed


i mean, i have all these amazing people waiting for updates on their favorite stories and i just can't put two words together and update


and even when i update

it takes forever to put up the next chapter and the next...


i feel like i am doing a very poor job, and i am, and it's killing me


i am free now but for some reason i feel disgusted with my stories


don't get me wrong, i like them all


but i feel like i should take them down and start fresh 


because i have no clue where i stopped and what plot i had before taking this dragging-ly long hiatus...


continuing any of them won't be successful (trust me) i'm telling you this as a writer.. when you no longer like your stories you do a poor job of ending them


so taking them down is the best option for me

but i will still ask you to tell me what you think




this is a hard decision, especially that i have 2 stories who's fans are still commenting on it feverishly despite the lack of updates (some said they should get featured too)


but i know i lost the plots besides, my writing style has changed tremendously throughout the years.. so yeah... that's all


let me hear your thoughts


One last thing,


don't be mad at me plz 












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