Dear, You

Many of you have probably already seen this but for some reason this is my first time and....I'm in tears [I'm so late ik] TT^^^^TT


Dear EXO, 

You conceal the sadness you're feeling with your smile, enduring the pain which been there for awhile. You reassure everything's alright, you'll shine brighter than all existing light. Fulfilling your promises. Although there might be times you fall from your highest climb. You blame yourself for the blow. Do not apologize, just stick to who you are. Have a little faith in yourself. You won't be alone, you'll never walk on your own. Gather the strength, you will reach for the star. Always believe in yourself. You'll always have our shoulders to cry on every night.





Not mine came from ---->



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Omg! Why are you making me cry!? *huggles you all as i cry from the video*
shineeinfinite #2
This is indeed so touching