Simba x Who?

So hi. Um... Introduction must be in order right?

My name is BooHansol or Stevie. Thats it really

Well, now to the 'business' I guess. Well, it's kinda like the title said. I know there isn't a lot of JJCC fics out there however... the ones I read... they have the members of JJCC ship (Zica and Yul, San Cheong and, Eddy and Mak) and then there's Simba. Simba who either likes to watch other (or doesn't but can't help it) or Simba is lonely or something. So, I guess I've grown frusterated as I want to write a fanfic where Simba isn't into voyerism and isn't lonely (or both) and instead, gets with somebody.

However... I don't know who to pair him with. Should I pair him with a JJCC member or someone else? and Simba? Cross Gene's Takuya and Simbe? Or maybe someone from Seventeen or even Eddy? I'm not sure. If anyone has any ideas, culd you help a fan out and hit me up with them? I'll leave my ideas ​on the ships below but thank you, even for reading this.

Yelp. Bai Bai and Thank You again.

Potential Ships

  • ​Simba x
  • Simba x Eddy
  • Simba x Takuya (Cross Gene)
  • Simba x Jeonghan (Seventeen)
  • Simba x Woozi (Seventeen)
  • Simba x Zico (Block B)
  • Simba x Jungkook (BTS)


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