Kurosuji Fic. (Sebastian x Ciel)

Wow it's been almost three months and I forgot to post this. 


So it's a Kurosuji fic or Black Butler, the pairing is Sebastian x Ciel . The point of this fic was on complete and total crack because I started imaging about the contract and y'know how in real life you need to renew it at a certain time so...


Just read and enjoy. For those who don't know what Kurosuji/Black Butler is I'll provide some pictures also just search on Wikipedia as SOPA has failed. WHOO!


Sebastian looks like a total right? Right? XD So the tall one is Sebastian and the tiny girly one is Ciel. Though as you can see Sebastian is the butler and Ciel is the master. >> Also I reassure you no matter how much Ciel cross-dresses he is a boy.




Renewing the Contract

Black Butler Fanfic

Sebastian x Ciel

Sebastian placed down the blue porcelain cup onto its matching plate before looking up at the calendar. “Hm, it seems it’s that time of the year…” Sebastian raised a brow as he went over to wake the young master.

“Young master. It’s time to wake up” Sebastian opened the curtains letting the sun peek through the dark room.

Ciel mumbled in response.

Sebastian sighed before he walked over to the young master’s bed; he sat on the edge and then used his gloved hands to shake Ciels shoulders.

Ciel immediately sat up as he whacked Sebastian’s hand away from his shoulder. “Don’t touch me…” He glared at the older male.

Sebastian raised both brows before washing a tired expression on his face and sighed. “I’m afraid you left me no choice, you didn’t wake up early as usual.”

Ciel then ran his hand through his hair. “What’s today’s schedule?” He asked as he reached out his hand signalling for the newspaper.

“Today we have a meeting with Mister Abberline at four pm for he has some questions to implore.  During lunch Lau is coming over to discuss about current affairs.” Sebastian grabbed the plate along with the cup and handed it to the young master. “That is all there is today I’m afraid.”

Ciel nodded and began sipping on the tea that was in the cup. “Hm, I cannot tell what tea you have prepared for me today. Care to explain?”

Sebastian smirked. “It is a rare type of tea Lau has sent over from China. It is called Tieguanyin; it is also hailed as the most expensive tea in the world.” Sebastian paused before continuing. “Costs £1,700 per kilo, luckily Lau sent over the same amount, furthermore it is said that the leaves can be brewed seven times before it loses its flavour. Certainly a feat for a mere leave I’d say”

Ciel nodded in way that most people would think he’s not listening. As Ciel flipped through the pages of the newspaper Sebastian then suddenly remembered.

“Ah, I almost forgot. Young master, today is the day that we need to renew our contract…” Sebastian informed as he pointed at the nearby calendar.

Ciel coughed nearly spilling the tea. “It is?!” He replied in surprise as he looked towards the calendar that Sebastian was pointing at.

To Ciels dismay Sebastian was telling the truth.

Ciel closed his eyes. Memories started to flood into his mind like a storm, that dark night, surrounded by strangers in a cage, all wearing masks, the room lit up by nothing but candles, cheering and screaming.

Ciel shivered as he pushed away that memory.

“Yes, I apologize if it brings back bad memories. But we’ve being doing this once a year for four years now. It’s compulsory that we renew the contract at least once a year or it’ll disappear.” Sebastian explained. “Unless that is you want me to leave then we can leave today as it is.”

“No” Ciel shook his head. “It’s fine. Let’s just get it over and done with.” Ciel placed down the tea cup along with the plate onto the bed side table.

Sebastian smirked before he ambled over towards Ciel while he tugged at his tie letting it loose from his neck.


Minutes later the bed creaked as Sebastian rode deeply into the young master’s body. Sebastian’s uniform was scattered everywhere around the bed from earlier when he was undressing.

“Ah!” Ciel moaned as he felt Sebastian brush past that special spot inside of him.

Ciel gripped the pillow in front of him tightly each time Sebastian pushed in to the boy. “It is always interesting each time I do this. To think that the young and conceited master before has now become nothing but a body in my hands…”

Sebastian held a vice like grip onto Ciels hips as he grounded against him. The young boy moaned each time Sebastian pushed into him.

“Ah! S-stop!” Ciel plead as he tried to control his moans.

Sebastian stopped his erratic s leaving Ciel panting; the devil tilted his head slightly in a childish manner, in a flash Sebastian flipped Ciel over onto his back leaving his exposed to the air.

“Well, well, well.” Sebastian examined Ciels body from head to toe. “Who was the one that said to get it over and done with?”

Ciel covered his flushing face with one of his hands as he continued to gasp for air. “Me”

“Now you want me to stop?” Sebastian said in a mocking tone. “What kind of sadistic master are you? You don’t want me to finish my job is it?”

Ciel peeked through his fingers at Sebastian with a burning glare.

“To be honest, ing you, to me is a pleasure.” Sebastian smirked. “Every day I have to put up with those imbeciles, the one who does not learn how to cook properly, the one who does not get a new pair of glasses, and the one who cannot control his strength.” Sebastian sighed and continued with his mocking tone. “Especially the one who orders me around all day due to that stupid contract; it really is irritating I’ll have you know.”

Ciels breathing began to slow down a bit as he listened to Sebastian’s constant complaint about his every day job.

“Since this is a pleasure I need to enjoy it to the fullest.” Sebastian placed his hands onto Ciels milky white thighs before parting them.

Sebastian then slowly resumed what he was doing before the complaint; he started ing deliberately in a slow pace hoping for a reaction from the young master. As he did Ciel closed his eyes and started to fist locks of his hair.

Ciels body began squirming around trying to push itself against Sebastians but Sebastian was more of a sadist than his master so every time Ciel tried to push against his Sebastian would pull away slightly.

“Nngh… Sebas-… -tian!” Ciel moaned in incoherent sentences.

Ciel used one of his hands and slinked it down onto , he tried to pump himself but Sebastian smacked his hand away.

“I’m sure you’ve learnt your manners, where are they?” Sebastian leered as he carried on slowing ing.

Ciel groaned as he removed his other hand from his hair. “Their n-not…. For you…”

Sebastian raised a brow at the insult, he ed in once his hardest before pulling out all the way. Ciel opened his eyes and stared at Sebastian with an expression on his face that matched a kicked puppy’s.

“W-why’d you stop?” Ciels chest heaved up and down.

Sebastian looked at Ciel with a what-do-you-think face. “Because…” he paused “I want you to beg like a .”

Ciel stared at Sebastian in horror. He had to beg like a to get what he wanted this time, he couldn’t command Sebastian because this was during the renewal of the contract, during it you need to destroy the contract and then make a new one.

This was the destroying part henceforth that Ciel cannot command Sebastian to his will.

Ciel had to decide between his pride and his need. “I…” Ciel paused and gathered up all his pride. “… I want you to me.”

Sebastian grinned before he hooked Ciels legs over his shoulders and then ed in, in one push. As soon as he was in all the way up to his hilt he began the repetitive ing again, Ciel moaned to the beat of Sebastian’s s.

“… So… close…” Ciels hands moved around trying to grab anything to pull on.

“Let me help you with that.” Sebastian smiled before he grabbed Ciels still hard member and began pumping it.

Ciels moans tripled what it was before; he started to tug on the bed sheets as he felt Sebastian’s fingers play with the tip of his , sometimes poking into his urethra.

This was possibly the best pleasure that Sebastian has ever experienced since he was summoned here on this plane.

Sebastian then shook his head a little.

This was the second best, first, was definitely the cats. Sebastian smiled and agreed with his conscience.

“Ah! F-faster!” Ciel moaned loudly as he felt his stomach tighten up, he was close to release, to the brink just a little bit more.

This brought Sebastian back from his talk with his conscience. He then pushed Ciels up against his stomach before he turned Ciel onto his side, hooking one leg on his shoulder and the other around his waist.

Pounding into him this time Ciel let out a wild moan before he felt his release come spurting out. The white liquid shot up and sprayed all over Ciels body and face, decorating his skin with small drops of white.

Sebastian smiled and admired his handiwork before he continued on with abusing Ciels already abused prostate. “You look like a with your own all over your lovely face…” Sebastian mocked.

“Maybe when I’m about to I should add my own onto you as well.” Sebastian then paused. “Ah, but then the contract wouldn’t be complete…” He sighed.

Ciel laid almost lifeless as he let Sebastian pound into him after he came. “… Hurry up…. F-finish it…” Ciel barely made that into a whisper.

Sebastian gladly followed this command as he ed a few more complete-to-the-hilt and hard times, Ciels insides clenched around Sebastians before he felt liquid squirt inside of him.

A dark purple light beamed from Ciels right eye where the contract mark was placed. Ciel moaned as he felt the liquid inside of him warm up before it practically evaporated into nothing. Sebastian let out a soft groan as he felt Ciel tighten up around his soon soft .

The light soon faded before Ciel finally lost himself and went unconscious hearing the last words of Sebastian. “Thank you, young master.”


Later Sebastian was back in his uniform and serving the young master again.

“Get this off me.” Ciel commanded with a concern tone as he saw his all over himself.

Sebastian had cleaned up the room, wore a new set of clothing before returning back to the young masters room to find that he had woken up.

Sebastian nodded before he walked over with his handkerchief and started to wipe the off Ciels body and face. “I’ll have to admit that you’d be better off meeting Lau like this rather.”

Ciel clenched his jaw. “Shut your mouth.” He glared at Sebastian as he wiped off the last of the on his face.

Ciel then whiffed at his bed. “I think I need a shower and this bed needs cleaning…” Ciel stumbled out of bed still as he headed for the bedroom bath. “I’ll be in here.” He said in a teasing tone before he locked the bathroom door leaving Sebastian to the leftovers.


Afterwards Sebastian was helping Ciel get dressed, getting ready for the lunch that was quickly approaching the schedule.

“Make a note Sebastian.” Ciel commented as Sebastian was tying up his tie. “Next time we need to find another way to renew the contract.”

Sebastian grinned as he slipped Ciels coat on before handing him his walking stick. “Be sure to add that to the top of the to-do list …”

Was Ciels final remark before he walked out the door with Sebastian tailing behind him.

“Yes, young master.”

Word Count: 1,906



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kolmilyo #2
i miss ciel and sebastian soooooooo much!
thank you!
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You watch Kurosuji? I don't watch it but I know the whole plot since my friends spazzed over it for a WHOLE school year.
It's good, I wonder what are the other ways of renewing the contract
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GOSH ! I love Kurosuji ! (^з^)-☆ I totally love thisss~

Please make moore~ this is beyond awesome and so are youu~ :)
Oh my god, the part about the cats was amazing. Like you.

Bro, you know/read/watch Kurosuji?!
I love you, you're awesome.