To: A Monster In Seoul readers

so, i know that i haven't been updating much for A Monster in Seoul. however, the reason for this is not because i'm busy or i'm having a writer's block. i am fully ready to continue updating and finish this story because my imagination is wild and vast that i already have like seven ideas for my next story. 

but where are all my readers at? where are all my fellow minstal shippers? where are you now?

i've noticed that for the last few chapters, there have been very little views and it's been like three months since my last update and the view count for the chapters hasn't gone up even once. i don't know if you're bored of the story or if you're tired of waiting for me to update or whatever. but i NEED to know for me to be able to take the next step. i NEED to know so i can update. i NEED to know so i can go on hiatus. i NEED to know so i can delete the story. i NEED to know so i can begin a new story. whatever feedback is fine. i just need to know whether you're gonna continue reading or not. so i can decide which of the aboves i should do.

i don't mean to offend anyone with my rants. but the life of a fanfic writer is not easy. if there's no one reading. if there's no one who's supporting the same ship. tell me so i can know when to stop posting to NOBODY. i have a life outside of AFF too. i don't want to work so hard on something i love and get nothing back. if you tell me now, i can at least stop. i can go do something else or share it with someone who appreciate it. 

i'm not asking for much. i just want to know whether there's still anybody reading this. i just want some feedback.


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