SeKai's fanfiction ideas [Anyone who's interested can PM me lol]

The Train: 


Once upon a time, there was a guy who was always spent his day waiting for his lover to finally came back to his arms. Sadly there wasn't a single day spent without tears rolling down his face and kept on waiting for the other to return by standing, watching the train passing by him like the blows of the wind. He never gave up not until the day he found a refugee begging for him to save him and later had him fell head over heels with the stranger. 

But the fate was never on his side. 


The Archer's Caretaker: 


Kai was a caretaker of a prince of the kingdom. Knowing by the fact that he was always by the prince's side, he could not stop himself from falling in love with the prince inner beauty. He knew too well that it was forbidden to fall in love with a prince and would face a lot of troubles if he got caught for his feelings, but would he stop himself from falling harder when the prince of archery was actually just as affected as he was and even tried to take him away from the kingdom?

Should he agree or should he not?  


The Grayscale of Love:


There was a bittersweet in love, some approved it as something normal and usual, but some thought that love should only be sweet and lovely because this was love we were talking about. 

But Kai...

He had never encountered the sweetness in his love's life even when he got to marry someone he had loved the most. He only knew that love was bitter and it was never sweet and lovely. 

Not when his husband did not want him in his life. 


P/S: These are the ideas I currently have in my mind, NO PLAGIARISM'S ALLOWED but if you need one of these ideas to be written as your new story, you can always send me A PRIVATE MESSAGE, so we can discuss about this later. /Winks/ 


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