hello! i swear i'm alive

hello, yes yes it's been a while. not sure if anybody still remember me haha. but seriously, like the blog title says - i'm alive! i've been on here from time to time just too lazy to reply or do anything. a big apology for keep on abandoning my graphic shop though :// otherwise i've actually opened an online store! click here if you'd like to check it out. i sell from clothing ranges to phone cases and bags and etc. so if you're interested do check it out! i'm actually planning to make a thread just to attract customers for my online store so idk since i'm quite inactive on aff and would like to come back again mhm. so do leave suggestions on whether i should make an aff thread for my online store. but yeah. awkward if no one remembers me but yaH!! but how have you all be doing? really missed this place ahh. ; ;

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