i'm back and kicking!


hello, does anyone remember this jeanene or jean?? it's been a super lonnnnnnnng time that i actually made a blog post or even talked to anyone here. i've come back with the only intention of updating my poster shop and carrying on with the graphics on aff. and so yes, i have revamped the petite cafe. do check it out here! also, this blog post is just to clarify that i'm officially back and going to stay on aff at least for this year. i was very hesitant since i had the thought of 'isn't this too childish for me now? why am i still here?' and all, but i can't very abandon the little cafe i built so that's why i am back. i hope at least someone reads this? i have 400 friends in my list and yet when i first came back a few days ago, there were only 2 on my online section. but that's that, hello to everyone who still remembers and what not. heart heart.

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